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Fellowships June 28, 2016

But did you tell them about Me?

But did you tell them about Me

If you or your team has ever shied away from boldly sharing Jesus with your guests and your women in attendance, this post is for you.

After a discussion at our last women’s ministry team meeting God reminded me of a time when my desire and intentions to share Jesus while well-meaning, were misguided.

Fellowships August 25, 2015

40 Fall Fellowship Ideas

40 Fall Fellowship Ideas on Women's Ministry Toolbox

Fall is almost here! Anyone else excited?!

I must admit I am ready to put away my swimsuit and pull out my jeans and sweaters.

Whether or not you can’t wait for those leave to start changing, fall offers some unique fellowship opportunities for your women.

Fellowships, Food, Volunteers June 17, 2014

Fellowship Food Fix

Food costs can quickly sink your Women’s Ministry budget for an event.

Fellowship Food Fix

I know a team that grew tired of making food for every event so they decided to add a line to their budget.

They budgeted around $125 for food from Sam’s Club.

Which is okay. Except this was for a gathering of only about 25 women.

Ya’all that’s at least $5 per person for snacks.

For most of our budgets that’s too much…

My heart sinks thinking about how half that money (really, more) could have been used to buy supplies for a Missions Project or some other cause…

Asking your own women to bring food does two things:

  1. It encourages them to come to the event. Chances are they won’t come alone, either. They’ll ask a friend to meet them there.
  2. It gives your women the opportunity to serve one another.

Food provides an invitation and opportunity for women to serve one another.  More thoughts on Fellowship Food Fix at Women's Ministry Toolbox.

Why you should ask your women to bring food:

  1. They have great recipes to share! Aunt Ida’s apple pie. Mama’s famous cheese ball. Women will be begging for the recipes and lavishing them with compliments.
  2. There is a group of women at your church that would love the excuse to try a new recipe – you can thank Pinterest!
  3. There are women who would love an opportunity to cook for someone else. Not everyone has someone to cook for and not everyone’s efforts are appreciated at home.
  4. It will decrease your clean-up and set-up time when you use the plates and serving dishes the women bring.

That being said, some women would stay home if you required them to bring a dish.

You need to build a Food Team.

My 2-in-1 Door Prize/Volunteer Form is the easiest way I know to build volunteer teams.

You will also need to recruit a Food Team Leader. Your Food Team Leader will be responsible for calling the needed number of women 2 weeks prior to the event.

  • Ask your women to bring something sweet, salty, or healthy.
  • No need to take notes or pass a sign-up sheet – it almost always works itself out and if there’s two of something it really isn’t a big deal.
  • Set the gentle expectation that these women will stay for the event. I.E. “We’re having a Fellowship next Friday night, could you come and bring a snack?”
  • Spread out the work and only ask each woman to help 2-3 times per year if possible. Keep track on a spreadsheet.

When your women bring food to your fellowships you get a great variety, give women the opportunity to serve, and keep your expenses to a minimum.

How do you handle food for your fellowships?

Fellowships, Planning February 18, 2014

105 Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas

105 Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas

Intentional activities build relationships and offer women opportunities to connect with one another.

These 105 Christian Ladies Night Out ideas are perfect for your Women’s Ministry, ladies Sunday School class, small group, and MOPS group.

Divided into seven categories there is something for every interest:

  1. Crafty
  2. Entertainment & the Arts
  3. Exercise/Outdoor
  4. Food
  5. Fun & Games
  6. Missions
  7. Sporting Events

Expand your reach by selecting activities from different categories to fill your calendar.

When you can, keep it simple and affordable – most of these ideas require little planning and little expense.

Ladies Nights Out work well as outreach events as they aren’t perceived as preachy or overtly spiritual (not that you can’t and shouldn’t have a short devotional and prayer).

Let me also humbly suggest that you refrain from activities that encourage or include alcohol, gambling, swearing, or content of any kind that would reflect poorly upon your ministry or church. Romans 14 and 15 remind us that we have a responsibility to protect our women from any situation that might cause them to stumble.

Without further ado, here are 105 ideas for you:

Sewing - 1 of 150 Ladies Night Out Ideas


1. Beading/Jewelry Making
2. Canvas Painting Class
3. Flower Arranging
4. Holiday Crafts
5. Knitting/Crochet
6. Mosaic Tiles
7. Ornament Making
8. Paint Your Own Pot
9. Pinterest Party
10. Scrapbooking
11. Sewing
12. UFO Night – Unfinished Object Night
13. Wreath Making

Entertainment & the Arts

14. Ballet
15. Broadway Show
16. Christian Book Club
17. Christian Concert
18. Christian Movie Night
19. (Clean) Comedy Show/Club
20. Comedy DVD
21. Dinner Theater
22. Historical Tour
23. Museum Tour
24. Musical
25. Orchestra Performance
26. Play
27. Special Holiday Show/Event

Golf - 1 of 105 Ladies Night Out Ideas


28. Cave Tour
29. Christian Yoga
30. Go-karts
31. Golf
32. Hiking
33. Horseback Riding
34. Ice Skating
35.  Nature Walk
36. Pilates
37. Pool Party
38. Prayer Walk
39. Putt-Putt
40. Roller Skating
41. Self Defense Class
42. Snow Skiing
43. Snow Tubing
44. Walking
45. Water Park
46. Water Skiing
47. Water Tubing
48. Zumba


49. Appetizers
50. “Blue” Foods (or other food theme i.e. Italian, Mexican, etc.)
51. Chocolate Tasting
52. Coffee Shop
53. Cookie Decorating
54. Cookie Swap
55. Cooking Class
56. Cooking Competition (i.e. Food Network)
57. Cupcake Decorating
58. Dessert
59. Freezer Cooking
60. Ice Cream Tasting Party
61. Make Your Own Pizza
62. Potluck
63. Progressive Dinner
64. Soup Swap/Tasting
65. Taco Bar
66. Tea

Bowling - 1 of 150 Ladies Night Out Ideas

Fun & Games

67. Accessory Swap
68. Antique Shopping
69. Bingo
70. Board Games
71. Book Swap
72. Bowling
73. Bunko
74. Card Games
75. Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt
76. Clothing Swap
77. Consignment Shopping
78. Holiday Party (Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.)
79. Historic District Shopping
80. Mall Scavenger Hunt
81. Minute to Win-It
82. Outlet Shopping
83. Scavenger Hunt
84. Spa Night

No-sew Fleece Blankets - 1 of 150 Ladies Night Out Ideas


85. Bingo at a Senior Center
86. Cards for College Students
87. Cards for Homebound
88. Cards for those serving in the Military
89. Cards for Missionaries
90. Care Packages for College Students
91. Care Packages for the Military
92. Care Packages for Missionaries
93. Fleece Blankets for homebound, abuse shelter, children in hospital, etc.
94. Food Pantry (re-stock, organize, etc.)
95. Nursing Home Visits
96. Pregnancy Hotline/Center
97. Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK)
98. Rescue Mission – serve a meal
99. Ronald McDonald House – provide a meal
100. Soup Kitchen

Sporting Events

101. Baseball Game
102. Basketball Game
103. Football Game
104. Hockey Game
105. Rodeo

May God will bless the time your ladies spend together.

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