But did you tell them about Me?

If you or your team has ever shied away from boldly sharing Jesus with your guests and your women in attendance, this post is for you. After a discussion at our last women’s ministry team meeting God reminded me of a time when my desire and intentions to share Jesus while well-meaning, were misguided. Perhaps you can relate… The first year of our newly formed MOPS group we shared Jesus through “lifestyle evangelism”. Our team’s plan was … [Read more...]

Fellowship Idea: Comfort Food

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Your support is appreciated! As you wrap up your women’s ministry plans for this year, I want to encourage you to go ahead and plan an event for January. Chances are you’ll be too overloaded with Christmas celebrations, visiting family, and December church activities to remember to plan something for January in the midst of the craziness of December. January will be a hard month for many … [Read more...]

40 Fall Fellowship Ideas

Fall is almost here! Anyone else excited?! I must admit I am ready to put away my swimsuit and pull out my jeans and sweaters. Whether or not you can't wait for those leave to start changing, fall offers some unique fellowship opportunities for your women. To fellowship outdoors. To gather and do all sorts of "fall" things. To experience the smells and tastes of fall. I've put together a list of 40 Fall Fellowship … [Read more...]

30 Summer Fellowship Ideas

Looking for some ideas for your summer fellowships? I’ve got 30 summer fellowship ideas to for you today! Summer doesn’t have to mean more work for your team: Keep things simple. Take advantage of parks, lakes, and other recreation areas. Minimize your planning by attending a festival or event nearby. Most of these ideas take advantage of the warmer summer temperatures. However if you live in an area where it’s unbearably hot … [Read more...]

The Second Thing You Must Do in Your Women’s Ministry This Year

I am super excited that so many of you have agreed to take the challenge I issued in The First Thing You Must Do in Women’s Ministry This Year! If you haven’t had a chance, be sure to take a few minutes to read it. Today I’ve got the second challenge for you. It’s also about being intentional. Almost every women’s ministry group holds fellowship events and activities. Bunko. Scrapbooking. Game night. Shopping. Catching a … [Read more...]

Fellowship Food Fix

Food costs can quickly sink your Women’s Ministry budget for an event. I know a team that grew tired of making food for every event so they decided to add a line to their budget. They budgeted around $125 for food from Sam’s Club. Which is okay. Except this was for a gathering of only about 25 women. Ya’all that’s at least $5 per person for snacks. For most of our budgets that's too much... My heart sinks thinking about how … [Read more...]

105 Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas

Intentional activities build relationships and offer women opportunities to connect with one another. These 105 Christian Ladies Night Out ideas are perfect for your Women's Ministry, ladies Sunday School class, small group, and MOPS group. Divided into seven categories there is something for every interest: Crafty Entertainment & the Arts Exercise/Outdoor Food Fun & Games Missions Sporting Events Expand your … [Read more...]