Christmas Prize Ideas for Icebreakers & Games

Chances are you’re going to play a few Christmas Icebreaker Games at your Christmas party. It’s nice to have a few inexpensive prizes to give out to the winners. Several years back we held a Sunday school party for the High school Juniors that we were teaching. We played several icebreaker games (including Wrap It Up). Before the party I went to the Dollar Tree and grabbed all sorts of fun things to put in a prize basket for the … [Read more...]

15 Creative Ways to Giveaway Door Prizes

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to distributing door prizes? Do you use the same door prize distribution method at every women's ministry event? Would you like some fresh ideas for giving away door prizes? While it is easy to just pull out those rolls of numbered carnival tickets, there are a lot more creative and exciting ways to give our door prizes! Try one of these 15 fresh, fun ways to distribute door prizes at your next … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Door Prize Ideas

Chances are the plans for your Mother’s Day event will soon be kicking into high gear! I am here to help! I can waste spend a lot of time flipping through catalogs and browsing websites looking for just the perfect door prize gifts. Can you relate? When I find an item I love, I buy multiples and give everyone the same door prize. Other times I stick with a set dollar amount and get a variety of things. I thought it might be … [Read more...]

The Door Prize Basket

Have you ever received a door prize that you really didn’t want? Or maybe you received a door prize that you thought about re-gifting or even (gasp) donating? A great way to give out door prizes everyone wants is to create a Door Prize Basket filled with an assortment of goodies. This method has been a big hit for us in the past. The key is providing many more items than you’ll give away, so no one gets the “leftovers”. It’s … [Read more...]

Women’s Ministry Door Prize Idea

  Are you looking for a great women's ministry door prize idea? Do you have a retreat, conference, or big women's ministry event coming up? I've got a great idea to share with you! Our women loved these door prizes that we put together for our Table Event! We included: 1.  Devotional book (from CTA Inc.) 2. $5 gift cards from Chick-Fil-A 3. 4 Hershey Nuggets Our total cost including the gift bags was about $9.50 … [Read more...]