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Christmas, Gifts & Favors December 8, 2015

Christmas Prize Ideas for Icebreakers & Games

Christmas Prize Ideas for Icebreakers & Games

Chances are you’re going to play a few Christmas Icebreaker Games at your Christmas party.

It’s nice to have a few inexpensive prizes to give out to the winners.

Several years back we held a Sunday school party for the High school Juniors that we were teaching.

We played several icebreaker games (including Wrap It Up).

Before the party I went to the Dollar Tree and grabbed all sorts of fun things to put in a prize basket for the winners to choose from.

I love to place a bunch of prizes in a basket so the winners can choose something they really want! While it’s hard for me to imagine, not everyone loves chocolate!

This idea works for Youth and adults alike.

12 Prize Ideas for Christmas Icebreakers & Games

Here’s a list of 12 Prize Ideas for Christmas Icebreakers & Games:
Most of these items can be found inexpensively at your local Dollar Store, Target, or Wal-Mart.

1.Christmas CD’s – Watch for those $5 sales at LifeWay and other stores.

2. Little Debbie Christmas Cakes – Specialty treats that are only available at Christmas are always a hit!

3. Christmas Candy – Stretch that bag of Dove Peppermint Bark (my newest obsession) by placing 5-6 pieces in a small baggie. Or if you and your budget are feeling generous place whole bags of Christmas candies in the basket. I know plenty of people that would choose a bag of Christmas M&M’s over everything else! I’ve seen some Chocolate Santas and Christmas lollipops at the Dollar Store too.

4. Christmas Mugs – You should be able to snag these from $1-$5. Check your local Dollar Store and Walmart.

5. Christmas Toys – Target has a whole section of stocking stuffers. Pick up a Christmas Pez dispenser. Pick something fun!

6. Christmas Jewelry – I’m not talking about anything expensive. Light-up necklaces, inexpensive Christmas earrings.

7. Christmas Headwear – Check the Dollar Store, Target, and Wal-Mart for reindeer headbands, Santa hats, and the like.

8. Cocoa – Pick up a box or some packets of cocoa mix.

9. Gift Cards – If a $5 gift card is too much, put on the exact price of a milkshake, donut, or other treat – just be sure to note one free _______.

10. Christmas Ornaments – Check out these beautiful ornaments at CTA Inc (not an affiliate link).

11. Christmas Devotionals, Gift Books, or Coloring Books – CTA Inc has a Christmas devotional on sale for $0.99 (not an affiliate link).

12. Homemade Christmas Goodies – If you love to bake consider baggie up some Christmas cookies or candies for your winners to take home and enjoy.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on prizes for your icebreaker games.

Just have fun with it!

If you’re in need of icebreaker games – both for Christmas and throughout the year – be sure to check out my page of Icebreakers & Games.

Merry Christmas!

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Gifts & Favors July 25, 2014

The Door Prize Basket

Have you ever received a door prize that you really didn’t want?

Or maybe you received a door prize that you thought about re-gifting or even (gasp) donating?

The Door Prize Basket - Make certain everyone gets a gift they want!

A great way to give out door prizes everyone wants is to create a Door Prize Basket filled with an assortment of goodies.

This method has been a big hit for us in the past.

The key is providing many more items than you’ll give away, so no one gets the “leftovers”.

It’s also important to provide a wide range of items everything from scented soap/lotion to devotionals to small framed scripture cards.

Give them Jesus, but give them some other options too!

Ideas for your Door Prize Basket:

  1. Scented soap or lotion – almost everyone loves Bath and Body Works
  2. Pocket-sized Bible (no kidding – it was the first thing taken at one event!)
  3. Framed Scripture verses (keep an eye on the clearance area at LifeWay)
  4. King-sized chocolate bars
  5. Insulated cups (with verse)
  6. Devotional books
  7. Christian music CDs
  8. Personal Bible Studies
  9. Christian DVDs – Christian bookstores often run $5 specials
  10. Pretty notecard/note pad sets
  11. $5 gift cards for coffee, frozen yogurt, Chick-Fil-A
  12. Christian Fiction Books (just make sure you’ve read them!)

I try to keep each item around $5 or less (always shopping the clearance sections).

I’d much rather give out lots of small gifts to lots of women than a few large gifts to just a few.

Elaborate gift baskets lead to a large number of hurt feelings when their name isn’t called.

Smaller gifts tend to lessen the hurt feelings.

At a couple of Scrapbooking Events we were able to give a prize to everyone in attendance, while that’s not going to be the case in most situations, it sure was nice to be able to spoil everyone!

I love to order from  Christianbook . I did a little shopping and found some products that will make great door prizes. They are all around $5 or less (unless the price has changed).

(Please note: these are affiliate links. You do not pay a dime more, but I receive a small percentage that helps cover the cost of this blog.)

47342X: The Lord Is With Me Always Notepad and Pen Set The Lord Is With Me Always Notepad and Pen Set
03415X: Joy Journal, Pink and Aqua Joy Journal, Pink and Aqua
51430X: ESV Compact Bible--soft leather look, lilac ESV Compact Bible–soft leather look, lilac
099520: The Lord Is My Strength Mini Mounted Print The Lord Is My Strength Mini Mounted Print
103339: Fireproof, Special Collector"s Edition DVD Fireproof, Special Collector’s Edition DVD
CD16969: Come to the Well CD Come to the Well CD
524128: Sisterchicks Say Ooh La La! Sisterchicks Series #5 Sisterchicks Say Ooh La La! Sisterchicks Series #5

Your turn to share: What tips do you have for distributing door prizes?

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Conferences, Fellowships, Gifts & Favors, Retreats November 1, 2013

Women’s Ministry Door Prize Idea


Door Prize Idea: Includes the 3 C's - Christ, Chocolate, and a (Gift) Card

Are you looking for a great women’s ministry door prize idea?

Do you have a retreat, conference, or big women’s ministry event coming up?

I’ve got a great idea to share with you!

Our women loved these door prizes that we put together for our Table Event!

We included:

1.  Devotional book (from CTA Inc.)

2. $5 gift cards from Chick-Fil-A

3. 4 Hershey Nuggets

Our total cost including the gift bags was about $9.50 each.

Our team decided to put together 22 bags so that each table would have a “winner”. Stickers were placed on the back of winning name tags prior to the event.

The 3 C's of a GREAT Door Prize

I love that they include the three C’s:

1. Christ

2. Chocolate (or other Candy)

3. (Gift) Card

Don’t miss the opportunity to be intentional with your women’s ministry door prizes – you can make an eternal impact!

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