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Conferences, Decorating Ideas, Retreats May 16, 2014

Trendy Table Decor

Trendy Table Decor Ideas - Simple, understated elegance.

Last week I had the opportunity to volunteer at a fundraising banquet for a local pregnancy center in Mooresville, NC.

Creating a beautiful event for close to 450 people on a budget is no small challenge.

Their team did a fabulous job with the décor and I snapped a few photos so I could share it with you.

It was simple with an understated elegance.

A few of my favorite features:

  • Burlap squares were draped over sections of each table.
  • Inexpensive carnations and baby’s breath were placed in tall, clear vases accented with burlap and a little ribbon.
  • Lanterns with candles were sprinkled throughout. One on every table would have been too much.
  • Table numbers were displayed on both chalkboard paper tents and placed in chunky colored frames.

Most of the items, with the exception of the flowers, could be used again at future events.

Take note of what isn’t there – no elaborate stage décor, no chair covers, nothing hanging from the ceiling or the walls…

Creating a stage that coordinates without distracting.

The mixing and matching of items created uniformity and interest. It reminded me of previous thoughts I posted on “thread vs. theme”.

Whether you take one idea and make it your own or recreate the entire décor, I hope you’ll be inspired!

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Conferences, Decorating Ideas, Events, Fellowships, Planning November 22, 2013

Table Event: Hostess Responsibilities

Table Event Hostess Responsibilities

Table events allow a larger number of women to be actively involved your Women’s Ministry Event.

The Table Hostess will need to know:

  1. What is expected?
  2. What will be supplied?
  3. What she must supply?
  4. When can she set up?

We created a list this past year for our Table Hostess Team Leaders to reference and distribute to the Table Hostesses.

Please feel free to copy, edit, use, and tweak to make this work for your women.


Bouquet of Tables – Hostess Responsibilities 2013

Date: Saturday, October 19th 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Set up times: Friday, October 18th from 5 – 8 PM and Saturday, October 19th from 9 – 11 AM


Hostesses will need to supply:

  1. Plates – do not have to use china – everyday dishes or paper plates really are fine
  2. Glasses (for tea/water)
  3. Coffee cups
  4. Silverware
  5. Table decorations – anything goes – vase of flowers, candles, any theme of their choosing

Suggested, but not required: Most hostesses give their guests a small favor – could be anything from chocolate to a bookmark with a Bible verse. This is not meant to be a burden or great expense.

Church will provide:

  1. Round white tablecloths
  2. Round table with 6 chairs
  3. Name tags for your guests
  4. Clear plates that the food will be served on  – they will be placed by the servers on top of the dinnerware
  5. Food, dessert, all necessary condiments including sugar and creamer for coffee.
  6. Room for storage of boxes during the event (tentatively room 300)

Hostesses are not responsible for inviting guests to sit at their table, though it is encouraged.

Spots will be filled on first come, first serve basis.

Registration for all guests (including hostesses) will begin on Sunday, September 22nd.


Conferences, Decorating Ideas, Fellowships, Retreats November 12, 2013

Table Decor Ideas Part 2

Table Event Decor Ideas Part 2

I’ve got some more inspiration for your tables today!

If you missed the first post, check out Table Décor Ideas Part 1.

Get my posts sent to your email box so you don’t miss out on the next posts on Table Events.

Planning details, time lines, and hostess info are soon to come!

Check out 8 more table décor ideas below.

browns table

Layered shades of brown make for a rich and sophisticated look.

chinese table

One of our women serves as an ESL Teacher.
Every year she decorates two tables for her students.

mascot themed table

We’ve got spirit, yes we do!
This WKU table gives these guests something to cheer about.

pumpkin mum table

This mum placed in a carved pumpkin really makes a statement.

rose colored table

I love how the deep rose is repeated in the plates, glasses, flowers, and tablecloth.
Repetition makes this table stand out.

seashells table

I love how this hostesses used all of the elements of the beach.
Seashells, straw, burlap, and the shimmering blue transport her guests.

white carnations table

The blue tablecloth and glasses really pop when surrounded by the white carnations.

yellow and green table

This yellow and green table was decorated almost completely with items from the Dollar Tree!
Proof that hostesses don’t need to spend a lot of money!

Conferences, Decorating Ideas, Fellowships November 8, 2013

Table Decor Ideas Part 1

Table Event Decor Ideas Part 1

Our Women’s Ministry hosts an annual “Bouquet of Tables” event.

It is our most anticipated and most attended event each year.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing the “nuts and bolts” as well as some inspirational photos.

Today, I’m featuring six tables to inspire you.

Red table decor

The use of two colors – red and white – make a stunning statement!

blue table decor

Using everyday dishes to dictate her color palate, the blues and red are warm and welcoming.

blue christmas table

A blue-themed Christmas scene is highlighted by the blue sheer fabric and blue dishes.

fall scene table

The scattered leaves bring this fall scene to life.
Use what you have – these were décor items from her mantle.

 silver and blue table

Beautiful fabric and bows can really make a statement!
The simple centerpiece of candles adds another layer of shimmer and shine.

 white flowers table

This large floral centerpiece steals the show!

Need more ideas? Check out Table Décor Ideas Part 2!


Decorating Ideas May 17, 2013

Decorating with Fake Flowers

Decorating with Fake Flowers

We all like things to look nice, but I find decorating can be a big drain on both the time and budget of your team and ministry.

These two ideas are quite simple, could be inexpensive (look for flowers at the Dollar Tree, sales/coupons at craft store, after-season clearance, etc.), and LOOK GREAT!

 Geraniums in Jars

jars with geraniums


Change up the flowers or the ribbon to suit the season/clearance bin.  Big Lots, Wal-Mart, and garage sales are great places to find glass jars cheap (or just recycle).

How cute would this be with fake mums and gold/dark green/orange ribbon for a fall event?!

Maybe you’re even lucky enough to have some gardeners in your church/neighborhood that would cut and donate real flowers.

Whiffle Ball Flowers

flower ball


Again, the flowers could be changed out to suit the season of your event. Check the Dollar Store, Wal-Mart, and other super stores for a big bag of whiffle balls. Hang with fishing line and a pushpin in the ceiling (if you want them to be invisible) or ribbon.

Just a few of these would make a BIG impact. Place them over your food, beverage, and/or dessert table. Hang them in a photo booth/picture spot.

Consider using multiple colors…wouldn’t an ombre effect be neat!!

While I do prefer real flowers to fake flowers any day of the week…both of these ideas look fantastic with fake flowers! I love that you could re-use them as is or just change them up a bit for a future event.

I’d love to feature a photo of your copy-cat décor in action! Send me your photos and I’ll add them to the post.  🙂

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Decorating Ideas, Publicity May 6, 2013

8 Ways to Use a Laminating Machine in Your Ministry



*Please note, this post contains affiliate links. Your purchase helps to cover the costs of this site so I can continue to offer free resources to women’s ministry leaders.

I must confess, I love my laminating machine!

I use it all the time!

I’ve laminated free printable verses, like this fabulous one that MaryDean Draws created for my readers.

We’ve laminated bookmarks for retreats.

I’ll use any excuse to pull that machine out. LOL


  • Gives your signage and other event décor a polished look.
  • Protects your hard work from damage by food and/or rain.
  • Allows you to re-use what you’ve taken time to create and customize.

It’s a win-win, ladies! And personal-sized machines are fairly inexpensive!

Here are 8 ideas for using a laminating machine in your ministry:


1. Directional event signs

Expect people who’ve never been to your church to show up – they’ll need to know where to enter.

2. Welcome signs

Place one each entrance door to your events.

3. Bathroom signs

For converting those men’s rooms when you have a large conference – just be sure to get permission first! I’ve got a sign you can print and laminate here.

4. Name tags

Make your team permanent name tags with their position listed.

5. Tags

Label door prize baskets, prayer requests boxes, name tag return buckets, etc.

6. Reserved seating signs

Save a row of seats for your prayer counselors. Reserve a table for your speaker(s).

7. Table numbers

Make them pretty and re-use them.

8. Menus

At the head of a buffet or a dessert/drink listing at each table for a special event.

Other ideas:

  • Bookmarks (put a verse and theme on it for your event)
  • Handouts (Prayer cards, Daily Bible readings, and other documents your attendees will use repeatedly)
  • Women’s Ministry Calendar (go one step farther and make it magnetic)
  • Business cards (printed with a verse and used as a favor/gift)

I purchased this laminator at Aldi (it was a seasonal special), however there is an almost identical laminator on Amazon.

Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator, Includes 100 3 mil Hot Pockets, Assorted Sizes (3016c)

What other uses can you think of for a laminating machine that will ease your efforts?

Encouragement Idea: Blessings Bags