Christmas Version: What’s on ur phone?

Last week I shared a brand new, created just-for-you, icebreaker called "What's on ur phone?". I thought it would be fun to come up with a Christmas version too! Christmas icebreakers are a must for any Christmas fellowship you may be planning for your women's ministry team, Bible study, small group, or Youth. This game is bound to bring about laughter and fun as women scramble to locate Christmas songs, Christmas-related photos, texts … [Read more...]

Christmas Couples Icebreaker Game

I love taking a “traditional” icebreaker game and putting a holiday-themed spin on it! Participants in this game will have two tasks to accomplish. First they’ll have to figure out what Christmas person, song, or thing has been taped to their back. Then they’ll have to find their other half somewhere else in the room. I’ve included 3 different sets of cards for you to use: Christmas movie couples, Christmas symbols, and Christmas … [Read more...]

Ultimate Christmas Game Round-Up

  I've added so many Christmas games over the past few years that I've gone back and updated this post. You're certain to find a Christmas game that is perfect for your group! Christmas games and icebreakers give your guests an opportunity to connect and laugh with each other. These free printable Christmas Table Talk Cards can be used SO many ways. Check out the post! Get your group talking with some great Christmas … [Read more...]

Pass the Package Christmas Game

This Pass the Package Christmas Game is great for groups of all sizes. Guests have to complete activities as they unwrap layers of paper in search of the prize. Did you parents ever give you a really small gift for Christmas wrapped inside multiple bigger boxes? Just as you thought you were able to open your gift you hit another layer of wrapping paper. The same idea applies here - your guests will never know when the wrapping paper ends … [Read more...]