Is there going to be childcare?

“Is there going to be childcare?” It’s a question I wish I could always answer with a resounding. “YES!” But the truth is in all three churches I’ve served we've had to limit our childcare offerings. Can you relate to these childcare issues? Not enough volunteers (or paid staff) to cover every event. Most of your volunteers are women, so when they serve they miss the event. Your budget limits the number of times you can offer … [Read more...]

Tip 5 – Childcare Forms (Free Printable)

Welcome to 31 Women's Ministry Tips! Tip #5 is a Childcare Form. Childcare is critical for many of the moms in your church and community. Without it they are unable to attend Women’s Ministry events. Comfortable moms and comfortable kids are more likely to return. One way to make them comfortable is to collect information about: Allergies Naptimes Pacifier Use Feeding Schedules Our team created this form several years … [Read more...]