Bible Study Review: Joseph – Keeping a Soft Heart in a Hard Place

Many of you have requested more Bible study reviews! I've got one for you today! *Please note this post contains affiliate links. Should you chose to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission which will be used to cover the costs of this blog. Your support is appreciated! About two months ago I recieved an email from Kay Harms announcing the release of her new Bible study Joseph - Keeping a Soft Heart in a Hard Place. There was … [Read more...]

Tips & Tools for Bible Study and Small Group Facilitators

Has God called you to serve as a Bible study leader or small group facilitator? Would you like some tips on encouraging discussion? Maybe you're looking for some first day ideas? Or perhaps the clock moves faster than it should and you need some help staying on schedule. Whatever your situation, I've got some ideas I'd love to share with you. I've compiled all of my Bible study and small group posts here - no searching or digging … [Read more...]

5 Myths Bible Study Leaders Believe

I personally think leading or facilitating a Bible Study is one of the most challenging roles God can call us to fill. Not only must you be prepared for each week's study, but you must prayerfully navigate the personalities and preferences of your group members. Over the last 20 or so years I've had the opportunity to sit on both sides of the table (or circle) as a facilitator and as a participant. Drawing from those experiences, I've … [Read more...]

Do we have to wear name tags?

Name tags – you either love them or you hate them! Often a group reaches a point and wonders, is it safe to put away the name tags? We all know each other, right? I was once a part of a Bible study that for weeks had faithfully set out name tags at each meeting. (Yes!!) Then one week, without warning, they just disappeared. I’m sure the coordinator thought that by then we were all familiar with each other. Since we were closer to the … [Read more...]

Bible Study Leader Kit

Bible study leaders are such a blessing! In addition to covering them with a blanket of prayer, consider providing this practical kit for each of your leaders. This Bible Study Leader Kit puts essential supplies at the fingertips of the leader and the participants. Eliminate precious time spent digging in purses and searching for supplies. Please note affiliate links follow. If you choose to make a purchase, I may receive a small … [Read more...]