My Top Ten Team Meeting Pet Peeves

I need to apologize, the list that follows is probably going to come across a bit critical. You may view it as a list of complaints. I’ve thought about trying to re-write the whole piece from a positive angle. “10 Things I Love about Well-Run Team Meetings” or something like that. And while that may come across a whole lot nicer, sometimes we need the “truth in love” version. So I’m #sorrynotsorry. Some of you need a firm, yet loving, … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Keep Absent Team Members in the Loop

Sick kids, doctor’s appointments, school events, family vacations, and other scheduling conflicts will often make it necessary for one or more of your women’s ministry team members to miss a meeting. Just last month I had to miss our meeting due to a previous commitment to chaperone a Youth trip. I know first-hand that feeling of being “out of the loop”! Today I’m sharing some quick and easy tips for keeping absent team members in the … [Read more...]

The Importance of an Agenda

I’m curious, how many of you send out an agenda prior to your women’s ministry team meetings? I know it’s one more item to add to your to-do list... and it might seem unnecessary. But having sat in meetings with and without agendas, I believe agendas directly impact the success of our meetings. Let’s talk through a few reasons why agendas are important. Agendas: 1. Give your team time to prepare and pray over agenda items. No one … [Read more...]

10 Agenda Tips

Your team members are busy, busy women and they appreciate efficient and effective meetings. These 10 Agenda Tips will help you keep your team on topic and on time. Realistically consider your time frame Include enough detail to convey clear expectations – expand in the meeting Highlight responsibilities of your team members by assigning names to tasks/discussions Distribute in advance (1 week is ideal) Start and end on time … [Read more...]