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Food October 7, 2014

Tip 7 – Transform Your Coffee Station

Welcome to 31 Women’s Ministry Tips!

Tip #7 is all about transforming your coffee station from boring to extraordinary.

5 Ways to Transform Your Coffee Station from Boring to Extraordinary


It’s become a fixture in many churches.

It’s expected at most morning Bible studies.

It’s prepped in big pots to wake up your MOPS mommas.

It probably goes without saying that most of your women find a good cup of coffee a treat.

Coffee is not necessary, but it is most appreciated.

Here are 5 ideas to take your coffee station from ho-hum to extra-special:
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1. A couple of flavors of liquid coffee creamer – big bottles are best but the shelf-stable little creamers are good too. French Vanilla is almost always a hit. Consider adding a seasonal flavor during the holidays.

2. Pretty serving pots. Our team invested in a 60-cup pot like this Hamilton Beach 60-Cup Coffee Urn. They look so nice you don’t feel like you need to hide them in the kitchen! Consider two – one for hot water for tea, cocoa, or hot cider and use the other exclusively for coffee.

3. Styrofoam travel cups like these Dixie Paper Cups and Lids are a big hit. Lids prevent spills and allow women to take a second cup of joe with them as they leave.

4. Stirrers They are dirt cheap. Set them out in a pretty cup, basket, or small pot.

5. An array of sugar packets. Many of your women are particular about their sugar substitutes. Your women will love if you have their favorite brand – I suggest stocking Sugar, Splenda, Truvia, and Sweet ‘N Low. If you have the budget, you might want to get the Mind Reader “Organizer” Coffee Condiment Caddy to make it easier to set up your coffee station each time.

If your event is in the afternoon or evening, one pot of regular and another of decaf is always nice. The later the event, the more decaf and less regular you’ll need.

Your turn to share: Do your women expect and enjoy coffee at your Women’s Ministry events?

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Decorating Ideas, Shopping October 6, 2014

Tip 6 – Storing Your Treasures

Welcome to 31 Women’s Ministry Tips!

Tip 6 is about storing your treasures (aka supplies).

Women's Ministry Tip #6 - Storing Your Treasurers

When I first started as the Women’s Ministry Director neither of our teams (at either church) had storage or much stuff to store.

Our guest bedroom often served as the “off-site women’s ministry storage unit”. Until we had company preparing to come, in which case I hurriedly packed it all up and hauled it to the church or moved it to the garage.

For the sake of your marriage, your sanity, and future guests, I strongly suggest that you work with your church staff to secure some storage space for your women’s ministry.

When looking to store your women’s ministry treasures:

1. Create or find a space that can be locked up. My husband installed an inexpensive lock on a set of cabinet doors. A locked closet served as space in another church. A lockable metal cabinet in a copy room was extremely useful. You don’t want your treasures to disappear or be borrowed without your permission. You also don’t want your closet to be used during the Youth lock-in for Sardines in a Can.

2. Utilize clear plastic tubs. They will keep you organized and allow all of the team members to see what’s being stored where. In one closet we had a tub for leftover paper products and another for door prizes. Another tub held various colors of plastic tablecloths. They can also be stacked.

3. Budget for reusable items. Maybe you purchase vases this year for the Sweetheart Banquet and baskets for your Fall Retreat. Other great reusable items to purchase include: tealight candle holders, mirrors, vases of various sizes, serving containers, 50-cup coffee pots, beverage dispensers, etc.

If your church is like mine, storage space is at a premium and you have got to take what you can get. You may even have to seek out some space and then ask for a cabinet to be purchased (perhaps a corner of a Sunday school classroom).

Remember to be gracious and thankful for whatever space you have been given.

Your turn to share: Where do your store your Women’s Ministry supplies?

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Forms & Surveys October 5, 2014

Tip 5 – Childcare Forms (Free Printable)

Welcome to 31 Women’s Ministry Tips!

Tip #5 is a Childcare Form.

Women's Ministry Tip 5 - Childcare Forms (Free Printable)

Childcare is critical for many of the moms in your church and community. Without it they are unable to attend Women’s Ministry events.

Comfortable moms and comfortable kids are more likely to return.

One way to make them comfortable is to collect information about:

  • Allergies
  • Naptimes
  • Pacifier Use
  • Feeding Schedules

Our team created this form several years back to use for our daytime Bible studies. It was modeled after a form our nursery workers were already using on Sunday mornings. We also used a variation for our MOPS groups.

Free Printable Childcare Form from Women's Ministry Toolbox

I’ve included a copy of it for you to download. Just click the link below.

Childcare Form

You have my permission to copy it for church or personal use. No need to ask!

Your turn to share: What other information do you collect? 

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Prayer October 4, 2014

Tip 4 – Gathering Prayer Requests

Welcome to 31 Days of Women’s Ministry Tips!

Tip #4 will help you gather prayer requests.

31 Days of Women's Ministry Tips - Tip 4 - Gathering Prayer Requests

Whether it’s for your Sunday school class, Bible study group, or Women’s Ministry Team collecting prayer requests can be a challenge.

Prayer requests can:

  • Take too much time
  • Leave out those who remain silent
  • Allow for over-sharing

Try one of these 6 ways to collect prayer requests to keep your group or your team on task:

1. Pass a notebook around the room. Enlist a helper (and a back-up) to type them up and distribute them via email after your meeting time.

2. Limit prayer requests to personal and immediate family. It is okay to ask for prayer for a neighbor, but train them to make it personal – “Pray our family will know how to ministry to Mr. Jones in his time of need.” Keep in mind this will likely be an on-going training.

3. Call, email, or text your group between meetings to collect the prayer requests and then distribute them at the end of your next meeting on paper, or immediately after via email.

4. Give each group member that opportunity to pray a one-sentence  prayer request out loud at the end of your prayer time. This works especially well if the group is seated in a circle. It will take some training and encouragement to get them to just choose one request and limit it to one sentence. Remind them that God knows our unspoken requests as well. Participation should be optional.

5. Have them partner up and share. See my Prayer Tip: Partner Up post for complete details.

6. Use notecards. Give each group member a notecard and ask them to record their name and 2-3 requests. Have them swap cards or place them in a basket and have them draw a notecard before leaving. Their task is to lift those requests up before meeting again.

Your turn to share: How do you handle prayer requests in a group situation?

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Conferences, Fellowships, Retreats October 3, 2014

Tip 3 – Making Room for More

Welcome to 31 Days of Women’s Ministry Tips!

Tip #3 is for all those times when you’re challenged to fit as many people as possible in a small space.

Tip 3 - Making Room for More

Ever been surprised by the number of women who have registered for an event?

Have you struggled with turning away women at the door?

Do you long to have more tables at your table event, but can’t figure out how to squeeze one more in the room?

Trade out your round tables for rectangular tables.

Yep. That’s it!

You can fit more rectangular tables (and more chairs) into the same space.

Yes, I know some of your women that LOVE to decorate are going to be upset about losing the decoration space at the center of the table.

Remind them that we never want to send away anyone God has sent to an event and assure them that you know they can be creative and rise to the challenge.

Rectangular tables make for more intimate conversations.

As a bonus, you’ll find your women are able to converse much more easily with each other when they aren’t seated so far apart.

Your turn to share: Do you use round or rectangular tables at your events?

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Conferences, Hospitality October 2, 2014

Tip 2 – Small Touches

Welcome to 31 Days of Women’s Ministry Tips!

What they say is true, small touches make a big impact.

Tip #2 is an inexpensive idea for spoiling your women.

Day 2 of 31 Women's Ministry Tips - Small Touches

In addition to the room for the main event most of your women will make a trip to the bathroom.

For most of our big events we’ve taken the time to place a small vase of flowers and a bottle of scented hand soap in our bathrooms.

It’s a small touch, but one that your women will notice.

There’s just something nice about using a fancy soap rather than the dispenser on the wall.

I do want to strongly suggest that you consider purchasing only fruit or vanilla-scented soaps.

Floral soaps can send those with allergies and sinus problems into a miserable state. So much so that the event could be ruined for them. Really.

If you’re a fan of Bath & Body Works, they often run sales on their foam and pump soaps. Keep in mind that if you purchase seasonal soaps you’ll have to wait until next season to use them again. I made that mistake one year.

If you know someone really creative and handy ask them to put together Mason jar soap pumps for your women’s ministry. How great would it be to have them to use at every event?! (Wal-mart and Big Lots are the best places to buy jars fyi.)

Spoiling and loving on your ladies in small ways can have a huge impact!

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Publicity October 1, 2014

Tip 1 – Hanging Publicity


Day 1 of 31 Women's Ministry Tips - Hanging Publicity

Welcome to 31 Days of Women’s Ministry Tips!

Tip #1 provides a tip for hanging publicity and signs for your Women’s Ministry events.

It’s also a tip I picked up recently.

I was helping to take down the discussion group signs after our Summer Bible Study Class  and uncovered a nifty little trick!

I was surprised to find they had been hung up with painters tape!

Well, of course!

That remedies the problem of marks on the walls.

And removes the chance of leaving pieces of scotch tape behind.

Roll it up and place it behind the paper or poster and no one will be the wiser!

I will tell you we tried it at the Reveal Your Dignity event and found that large amounts of tape were necessary when we hung the poster board on the walls. So it’s best used on smaller items.

Hope this speeds the clean-up at your next event!

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