Tip 7 – Transform Your Coffee Station

Welcome to 31 Women's Ministry Tips! Tip #7 is all about transforming your coffee station from boring to extraordinary. Coffee. It’s become a fixture in many churches. It’s expected at most morning Bible studies. It’s prepped in big pots to wake up your MOPS mommas. It probably goes without saying that most of your women find a good cup of coffee a treat. Coffee is not necessary, but it is most appreciated. Here are 5 … [Read more...]

Tip 6 – Storing Your Treasures

Welcome to 31 Women's Ministry Tips! Tip 6 is about storing your treasures (aka supplies). When I first started as the Women’s Ministry Director neither of our teams (at either church) had storage or much stuff to store. Our guest bedroom often served as the “off-site women’s ministry storage unit”. Until we had company preparing to come, in which case I hurriedly packed it all up and hauled it to the church or moved it to the … [Read more...]

Tip 5 – Childcare Forms (Free Printable)

Welcome to 31 Women's Ministry Tips! Tip #5 is a Childcare Form. Childcare is critical for many of the moms in your church and community. Without it they are unable to attend Women’s Ministry events. Comfortable moms and comfortable kids are more likely to return. One way to make them comfortable is to collect information about: Allergies Naptimes Pacifier Use Feeding Schedules Our team created this form several years … [Read more...]

Tip 4 – Gathering Prayer Requests

Welcome to 31 Days of Women’s Ministry Tips! Tip #4 will help you gather prayer requests. Whether it’s for your Sunday school class, Bible study group, or Women’s Ministry Team collecting prayer requests can be a challenge. Prayer requests can: Take too much time Leave out those who remain silent Allow for over-sharing Try one of these 6 ways to collect prayer requests to keep your group or your team on task: 1. Pass a … [Read more...]

Tip 3 – Making Room for More

Welcome to 31 Days of Women’s Ministry Tips! Tip #3 is for all those times when you’re challenged to fit as many people as possible in a small space. Ever been surprised by the number of women who have registered for an event? Have you struggled with turning away women at the door? Do you long to have more tables at your table event, but can’t figure out how to squeeze one more in the room? Trade out your round tables for … [Read more...]

Tip 2 – Small Touches

Welcome to 31 Days of Women’s Ministry Tips! What they say is true, small touches make a big impact. Tip #2 is an inexpensive idea for spoiling your women. In addition to the room for the main event most of your women will make a trip to the bathroom. For most of our big events we’ve taken the time to place a small vase of flowers and a bottle of scented hand soap in our bathrooms. It’s a small touch, but one that your women … [Read more...]

Tip 1 – Hanging Publicity

  Welcome to 31 Days of Women’s Ministry Tips! Tip #1 provides a tip for hanging publicity and signs for your Women’s Ministry events. It’s also a tip I picked up recently. I was helping to take down the discussion group signs after our Summer Bible Study Class  and uncovered a nifty little trick! I was surprised to find they had been hung up with painters tape! Well, of course! That remedies the problem of marks on … [Read more...]