Publicity Checklist

publicity check list

I recently spent some time transitioning our publicity responsibilities to a new team member.

It forced me to think through the how and why we do publicity.

Publicity must be created to meet the needs of the masses.

Always assume there will be new members and/or visitors attending your event. If they don’t know the details, they might not show.

This checklist will keep you from forgetting to share those details that we sometime assume everyone knows.

  1. Location
  2. Time
  3. Date
  4. Day of the week
  5. Cost
  6. Childcare (cost, registration info, or not available)
  7. Registration information (if needed)
  8. Brief description of the event
  9. Ministry and/or church logo
  10. Website
  11. Contact information
  12. What they need to bring (donations, craft supplies, love offering)

Feel free to copy, paste, or print for your Publicity Team files.

Let me know if you think there’s anything else that should be added to the list!



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