Messy Beautiful Ministry

I felt like a fraud.

A big, fat fraud.

Messy Beautiful Ministry - Encouragement for Women's Ministry leaders.

God had recently promoted me from the MOPS Coordinator to the position of Women’s Ministry Director.

I wanted the women in our church to see me as a woman of prayer, relentlessly pursuing God, seeking His will and direction for our events and activities.

I was a hard worker and proud of it.

Truth was I was barely holding it together.

I was putting on a big smile each time I walked through the church doors.

Much like the Wizard of Oz, it was all a big show.

Pull back the curtain and you would have seen that my marriage was in big trouble.

God had brought me to the place where I had to come face to face with the fact that I had put my children and my ministry before my marriage.

I was so busy serving and doing, and honestly loving it, that I had not realized that I was neglecting my husband and our marriage.

When the opportunity came up recently for me to review Darlene Schacht’s (the Time Warp-Wife) new book, Messy Beautiful Love: Hope and Redemption for Real-Life Marriages, I knew I had to do it.

If you are a married woman serving in Women’s Ministry (as most of us are) you have a responsibility to protect and preserve your marriage.

Satan would love nothing more than to bring your marriage and your ministry down.


Even if your marriage is not currently under attack, I urge you to put on your armor and stand ready to fight.

Safeguard your marriage. Check in regularly with your spouse to make sure serving hasn’t overtaken your role as wife.

And if you’re in a difficult place, find a trusted (female) mentor to pray for you. I found it to be tremendously helpful to be honest and real with one trusted woman.

No matter the current state of your marriage, I encourage you to pick up a copy of Messy Beautiful Love: Hope and Redemption for Real-Life Marriages. As you read it ask God to open your eyes to areas where you need to step it up.


I would love to have you join me in praying for our fellow leaders who are struggling. Would you consider leaving a prayer for their marriage in the comments section below?

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  1. Helena, bless your heart…I am sorry to hear you are struggling. Please feel free to email me Cyndee(at)womensministrytoolbox(dot)com. I’d be happy to help you in any way that I can.

  2. I would just like to say this is beautiful and much needed in the arena of my life. I am a new first lady ( less than a year) and I am struggling.

  3. Sandra, that is beautiful…thank you… Yes, Jesus…

  4. Sandra Hogge says:

    Father God I humbly ask you to guide those that are in leadership . Let your Holy Spirit guide
    them in all areas of there lives.Let there love for you Lord flow over to their families and
    others. Let them stay on the path you have chosen for them without hurting the ones they
    love. Restore hearts and relationships back to the ways your word shows us how to love
    one another! Thank you Lord in Jesus name.Amen.

  5. Jennifer, that was beautiful….thank you….Amen. Amen.

  6. Jennifer Blickos says:

    Jesus, we ask for strength, wisdom, and direction for all of those called to lead in your any area of ministry to glorify your name. We pray for protection over their minds, hearts, souls, families, and mostly their relationships with You. Bless them with the ability and foresight to manage it all well and in the direction that you lead them, that they not lose sight of YOUR vision for their wotk and their lives. For all those that are feeling the call to leadership but may be hesitant with fear and doubt, we pray that they will take the leap of faith and let You work through them, realizing that you do not call the qualified, but that you qualify the called. Help them to remember to put on their armor daily in order to withstand any attacks the enemy may throw their way, and to seek You in all they do. We thank you for all things past and yet to come to glorify Your kingdom. We ask these things in Your name Jesus, amen!

  7. Father God, my heart is heavy for those leaders whose marriages are struggling right now. Soften their hearts toward one another. Help them to love their spouse even when they don’t feel like it. Bring healing to the broken places. Bring restoration and reconciliation where it is needed. Help them to keep their eyes focused on You and Your Word. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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