Mentoring Programs & Resources

There are a number of different ways that you can implement a Mentoring Ministry.

So many in fact that you may find it confusing!

I’ve broken mentoring resources and programs into 5 different categories that I hope will help your team as you build or refresh your Mentoring Ministry.

Mentoring comes in all shapes and sizes. Just as women have different needs, so do churches. I am praying God will clearly direct your team as you seek His will for your Mentoring Ministry.

Most Mentoring Ministries fall into one of these five categories:

1. Mentoring Teens – Teenage girls and older women are intentionally paired up for a defined amount of time (often for school year or through high school).

2. Structured Mentoring – Usually consists of a 6, 9, or 12 month program. Women are prayerfully paired after completing a profile sheet. A structured program is followed and there is a definitive beginning and end.

3. Mentor Only Training – Women who have the desire to mentor other women are trained and equipped. Women are encouraged to prayerfully seek out other women that are interested in being mentored.

4. Organic – God-directed women seeking out one another. There is little structure and no start/end dates. Focus is on “doing life together” and each mentoring relationship is unique.

5. Match Maker – Women call or email to request a mentor. The leader prayerfully seeks out a woman to mentor her.

You may already have an idea of what type of program God is calling your team to launch.

It might be one of the above or a blend of two or more.

Our Mentoring Ministry Team had an idea of what type of mentoring program we felt would most benefit the women in our church. To launch our ministry we wanted to find a book that we could use during our Sunday evening Discipleship Classes.

Our team gathered approximately 10 different books on mentoring. We divided up the reading, took good notes, and then met to discuss the pros and cons of each method over several weeks. Yes, it was a lot of work, but it was worth it!

Not sure where to start your research?

I’ve taken the initial list of books we reviewed and have included it below. The last book listed, Women Connecting with Women, is the book we ultimately chose to use for that Discipleship class. However, we gathered and gleaned great information from almost every piece of material reviewed.

The first, Organic Mentoring, I have not personally read. However, it comes highly recommended by several speakers I know. The author delves into what older/younger women are looking for in a mentoring program. Good food for thought!

Please note that each of these links is an affiliate link. You do not pay a penny more, but I receive a small commission which helps offset the costs of this site and is greatly appreciated!!

Organic Mentoring: A Mentor’s Guide to Relationships with Next Generation Women
Women Mentoring Women: Ways to Start, Maintain, and Expand a Biblical Women’s Ministry
Transforming Together: Authentic Spiritual Mentoring
Woman to Woman: Preparing Yourself to Mentor
Impact My Life: Biblical Mentoring Simplified
Woman to Woman Mentoring (Ministry Coordinator’s Guide)
That Makes Two of Us: Lifestyle Mentoring for Women
Between Friends…A Woman’s Look at Mentoring God’s Way
Shepherding A Woman’s Heart: A New Model for Effective Ministry to Women
Women Connecting with Women, Equipping Women for Friend-to-Friend Support and Mentoring

Your turn to share: What type of Mentoring Ministry are you using or looking for?

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