Lazarus Awakening Bible Study - an indepth look inside the kit

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I have been anxiously a-waiting the day I could share this study with you all! Joanna Weaver has just released a new DVD Bible study for her book, Lazarus Awakening. I was able to be a part of the Lazarus Awakening Launch Team and am excited to share the details with you!

“Just as Jesus called Lazarus out of his grave, I believe He desires to call you and me out of our tombs as well. Out of the caves of self-protection and halfway living we often settle for and into the abundant life He came to give. So that you and I become wide-awake believers – made fully alive as God intends us to be!” – Joanna Weaver, Lazarus Awakening Study Guide

Let me begin by telling you that this is WAY more than just a Bible Study. This set can be used as a retreat, personal Bible study, or as a group Bible study. (Check the price ladies, it is very affordable!)

There is so much to tell you, I struggle with where to start!

1. Lazarus Awakening book – You’ll never look at the story of Lazarus the same way again. The pages of my book are bent and yellow highlighter marks dozens of spots where God used Joanna’s words and insight to drive home various points of scripture. Just as Lazarus’ grave clothes were unwound, Joanna unwraps the story of Lazarus, opening our eyes to new details. Practically speaking, there are 11 chapters and a Bible study in the Appendix (the study is not the same as what is in the guide). You could use just this book to guide your personal or group Bible study.

2. The Lazarus Awakening Study Guide – This is not a stand-alone study guide. It is a companion to the book (see #1). Your group members will need to have both pieces. This is an 8 week study, some weeks you’ll have 2 chapters to read through. There is a weekly homework assignment. I found it very manageable and valuable. There is plenty of room for taking notes, writing answers, and even a spot for weekly prayer requests.

3. The 3 DVD set – Completes the set with 8 weekly 20 minute teaching sessions filmed in Israel. The videos are stunning and provide a richness and depth to the study that you cannot get on your own. You’ll love the attention to detail. The scripture verses and study guide questions are clearly displayed on the screen. The DVDs  include all of the bonus materials listed below, as well as “Israel Moments” video segments that you may choose to watch each week. The DVDs are only available as part of the Lazarus Awakening DVD Study Pack.

Here’s a peek at the DVDs:

LAZARUS AWAKENING Promo Video from Joanna Weaver on Vimeo.

Joanna has included an unbelievable amount of free resources for you on the 3rd DVD (most are also available free on her website):

  • 52 Page Leaders Guide (for the study)
  • 41 Page Retreat Guide
  • 29 Page Retreat Journal (for the participants)
  • Postcards for the study and the retreat
  • Posters for the study and the retreat
  • Bulletin inserts for the study and the retreat
  • Power Point slides
  • Bookmarks
  • Graphics Galore
  • Promotional Video
  • And more!

The complete Lazarus Awakening DVD Study Pack is designed for a 2 hour class, however, Joanna knows that not all classes are able to meet for 2 hours and includes specific modifications you can make to adjust the class to an hour or hour and a half time frame.

Every single detail is covered. Seriously. The agenda. The craft directions for the retreat are included. Icebreaker games coordinate with lesson sessions. Printables can be found in the back portion of both guides.

One of the most common excuses I hear from women is they don’t feel equipped to lead. There is no excuse with the materials Joanna provides. She guides you through the study and retreat. It is organized from start to finish, complete with the amount of time each activity should take.


What I love:

1. Content – Joanna brings this story to life in a fresh, new way.

2. Scripturally-centered – Joanna keeps the focus on scripture, sprinkling illustrations as needed.

3. Reflection and response – Both the book and the study guide provide opportunities for response and reflection.

4. Flexibility – Use it as a Bible study or a retreat. Meet for 2 hours or an hour. Pull out pieces that suit your women’s needs (I.E. prayer stations).

5. Organization – Both in the leader’s guides and in the study guide, directions are clear. The homework for the next week is spelled out. Leaders know exactly which questions to ask the group.

By now, you’re probably thinking “she got paid to say all this”. I want you to know that is not the case. While I was given a copy of the materials to review, these are my personal opinions and I received no monetary compensation.

I’ve done a lot of Bible studies over the past 20-ish years. Some have been more about man, than about God’s Word. Others lacked direction for the facilitator. Others had no study guide leaving us to flounder about on our own. Some had videos lasting longer than our allotted discipleship hour. Others bogged down the participants with lengthy daily homework.

I really do believe your women will love and benefit from the way this study has been put together.

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