Icebreaker: Roll & Poll with Free Printable

Great for small and large groups, this icebreaker can be used over and over again.

It’s never the same game twice!

Icebreaker: Roll & Poll

Group size: Groups of 4-8

Time needed: 10 minutes

Supplies: One dice and one playing card per group. Three versions are available for you to print out for free. Choose from Roll and poll version1, Roll and poll version 2, and roll and poll bible version . (Click on links to open PDF files.)

Instructions: Gather a couple of volunteers to distribute one playing card and one dice per group/table. Say: Tonight we’ve got a quick and fun little icebreaker to play. Each woman will need to take a turn rolling the dice and answering the corresponding question. You’ll have 10 minutes to for your group to complete the game.

Notes: Pick the version that best suits your audience. Keep in mind that visitors and new Christians could (most likely will) be uncomfortable with the “Bible version”. If time, have everyone roll two twice. Packs of regular (and sometimes giant foam) dice can usually be found at the Dollar Store. Laminate the cards for repeated use – it’s a different game every time.

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