Nothing on your Women’s Ministry calendar for the summer months?

It’s not too late!

Here are 10 reasons to host a summer event:

1. Women always need Jesus.

2. Summer lends itself to fun outdoor activities. Need ideas? See 105 Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas.

3. Many sports are on a break allowing soccer-moms (and the like) to attend.

4. Harried moms with houses full of children are longing for a break.

5. Women will seek refuge from the heat in a cool church basement.


6. It’s a great excuse to fix fun summer desserts.

7. Decorating for summer is easy-peasy. Cut some flowers from the yard.

8. Other than Vacation Bible School, there are few church events to plan around.

9. You want to keep the momentum from that fabulous spring event.

10. New women need something to plug into immediately – don’t make them wait until fall.

Summer lends itself to simplicity and to gathering together.

Give your women an excuse to gather together at least once this summer.

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