Game Dract

Dract (Draw + Act)

Dract is a hybrid of Charades and Pictionary. Playing cards direct players to either act or draw the clue for their team.

Group Size: 6 -24 people

Time Needed: about 20 minutes

Supplies:  Chalkboard and chalk, dry erase board and marker, or pad of paper and pen; playing cards printed and cut; bag to place playing cards inside; timer or stopwatch (most smart phones have a stopwatch app).

Click links to download and print cards (PDF):

DRACT thanksgiving

DRACT Christmas

DRACT blank template

Instructions: Divide into 2 teams. Alternating teams, one player from each team will take a turn drawing a card. They will either act or draw their clue (per the instructions on each card) for their team to guess.  The guessing team gets 30 seconds to guess the correct answer.  If the team is not able to answer correctly, the other team gets 15 seconds to provide one guess.  Teams receive one point for each correct answer. Once all the slips have been played, the team with the highest score wins.

Notes: Consider printing the cards on cardstock as they will hold up better and prevent team members from seeing thru the paper.