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In January 2016 God gave me clear confirmation that I needed to cut back and post just once a week and to add a monthly newsletter for you all.

I am super excited about this for many reasons:

  1. I’ve been able to create a pile of content and resources for you already on Women’s Ministry Toolbox.
  2. I’ll still be sharing ideas and tips!
  3. I’ll have more time to work on the behind the scenes items that often get neglected – such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and figuring out the techie-stuff. This is a one-woman show!
  4. Now that I’m back and active on a Women’s Ministry Team I need more time to help implement the events and activities we’re planning for the women of our church and community.
  5. The newsletter is going to be a HUGE new free bonus for you all!
  6. I have several projects I want to work on for you but I haven’t had the time.
  7. Lord willing, I just might be able to spend a little time doing some things I love such as scrapbooking and baking.

For now, until the Lord directs me otherwise, you can expect a post every Tuesday (unless I mess up the techie-side and send it early or late – it’s happened!).

You can also expect a subscriber-only newsletter called “What’s in my toolbox?” on the first day of each month. If you already subscribe and get my posts in your inbox, you’ll automatically get the newsletter too! You don’t need to do anything else! 🙂 If not, click the subscription box at the bottom of the post!

Subscriber Only Women's Ministry Toolbox Newsletter

I’m still tweaking the content and layout of the newsletter and will likely play around with it the first few months, but you can expect:

  1. Links to great articles and tips for women’s ministry from around the web.
  2. Planning tips and ideas for right now and for the next couple of months. I hope this will help you as you meet and plan. For example, expect links to Mother’s Day ideas in the next couple of newsletters.
  3. Links to great deals on women’s ministry supplies and resources so you can purchase what you need at a discount. I love a great deal and I love to share them with others!
  4. Random things happening in my world. I hope some of them will elicit a smile or a chuckle.

I will still be sharing articles and ideas as I find them on Facebook and Pinterest (and sometimes  Instagram). But not everything in the newsletter will be shared on social media. And not everything shared on social media will be in the newsletter.

I’m not ruling out a bonus post here or there – I don’t want to limit what God may do or what opportunities He may present!

As these changes take place, please feel free to share your feedback. I do this for YOU and because I feel it’s what God has called me to do. If I can do more to meet your needs, I want to know.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of the Women’s Ministry Toolbox Community.

I am excited about what God is going to do here this year!

With joy, Cyndee

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