Double-Duty Door Prize Slips for your Women's Ministry event.

Chances are you’re giving out door prizes at almost every Women’s Ministry event.

Don’t miss the opportunity to collect some much needed information from your women!

Use your door prize slips to:

  • Gather email addresses for your Women’s Ministry email list.
  • Collect volunteers for various teams/committees.
  • Build your database by collecting physical addresses.
  • Solicit responses to a question your team has for your women.
  • Find out who’s visiting.
  • Track which campuses are represented.

Here’s a look at one we used in the past.

Sample door prize and volunteer slip - collect information when drawing for a door prize.

Feel free to change it and make it yours.

Be sure to check out my post on Door Prizes Ideas – don’t miss the opportunity you have to share Jesus!

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