5 Ways to Connect With Your Women This Summer

What does the calendar for your Women’s Ministry look like this summer?

While most of our summer calendars may not feature a big event, it’s a great time to sprinkle in some activities that might get neglected during other times of the year.

Prayerfully ask God to highlight which of these activities your women need this summer.

1. Summer Bible study – See my previous post on Summer Bible Study Solutions for ideas you can still implement this summer.

2. Regularly share a meal together – Schedule monthly Ladies Night Out at local restaurants and/or weekly picnics in the park – perfect for young moms.

3. Summer newsletter – Keep in contact with written communication to your women.

4. Electronic encouragement – Send out encouraging and fun emails or Facebook posts.

5. Fellowship together – I’ve got 105 Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas for you to check out!

It is so easy to get slack and relax during the summer months, thinking that your women are otherwise engaged.

It’s dangerous to assume your women don’t need summer activities.

Great ideas for connecting with your women this summer! #womensministry

Summer may be here, but women still need to connect.


They do.

We’d love to know, what does your summer ministry calendar look like?

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