Women's Community Board on Pinterest

I love gathering and gleaning great Women’s Ministry ideas from all over the internet and I know many of you do too!

Ever wondered if there was an easy way for us to share our great finds? Well, there is!

I’ve set up a Women’s Ministry Community Pinterest Board for ALL of us to pin on!

What is a Community Board?

It’s a board that only group members can pin to. Others can see the board and view the pins, but they can’t add their own finds to the board without being an approved member.

What is the benefit of a Community Board?

It’s impossible for any one of us to capture and pin all the great Women’s Ministry ideas that are out there on the internet. When we all work together, sharing what we’ve found, our ministries benefit.

How do I join?

Admittedly, Pinterest has created a few hoops for you to jump through. So for now…

1. You must follow wmtoolbox on Pinterest. You’ve got to click the “follow all” button. However, if there are boards that don’t interest you, you can go in and individually un-follow those boards. But you can’t  un-follow all. I honestly don’t know what the magic number is that will allow you to be or not be a Community Board member.

2. Using your Pinterest connected email account (check your profile if needed), you will need to email me at: Cyndee@womensministrytoolbox (dot) com and request that I add you to the group. You can also use the Contact page.

3. When I see your email come through, I’ll add you to the group. I’ll try to be prompt, but a day or two of grace is appreciated. Thanks!

4. Once you’ve been approved – pin all the great event, food, décor, leadership, prayer, Bible study, etc. ideas that you stumble across. Try to check and make sure your pin is linked to an actual website/blog; if it’s just a photo and that is enough info that is okay to pin too (but noting it’s just a photo is greatly appreciated).


It’s about YOU and what YOU have found that is helpful. While there aren’t many websites devoted to Women’s Ministry, there are a lot of bloggers that post great ideas that will benefit us as we seek to do ministry. There are also piles of great books and products that will equip us, make great door prizes, etc.

I view Women’s Ministry as a community, not a competition. We are all working together to bring women to Christ. We all seek to see women striving to become more like Christ. We all want to see God glorified.

If you’d like to contribute to the Community Board, I would love to have you!

If you’d just like to follow the board to glean and gather ideas, that’s okay too.

Clicking on the graphic below will take you straight to the board if you’d like to check it out!

Follow wmtoolbox’s board Women’s Ministry Community Board hosted by wmtoolbox on Pinterest.

Hope to see you on Pinterest!

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