Teach Your Team to Pray Out Loud

Two weeks ago our Bible Study Facilitator asked if someone in our group would open in prayer. At first there was an awkward silence, but once she admitted she didn't like to pray out loud a chorus of women echoed her sentiment. Just as I was about to volunteer another woman stepped up. Ya'all, this grieves my soul. And I believe it grieves the soul of God too. We are called to pray. And we are called to pray together out loud! Our women need … [Read more...]

Praying for Your Small Group (Free Printable)

Small Group and Bible Study leaders have many responsibilities, but the greatest of all is to pray for the women in their group. Prayer prepares you for the different personalities in your group. You are bound to encounter some "sandpaper people". (Affiliate Link) You may have women who attend, but never share with the group. You may even have someone try to run the group for you! Girls, we’ve got to be on our knees asking God to … [Read more...]

8 Prayers for Your Team (Free Printable)

Praying for your team members is the most powerful and most important thing you can do. Sometimes I get busy and forget to pray for my team. It's embarrassing, but it's honest. Sometimes I seem to pray the same thing over and over. Stuck like a broken record. Sometimes I need some inspiration and a new perspective. I came across these verses over the course of several months. Each one jumped out to me as something I could turn into a … [Read more...]