Fellowship Idea: Comfort Food

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Your support is appreciated! As you wrap up your women’s ministry plans for this year, I want to encourage you to go ahead and plan an event for January. Chances are you’ll be too overloaded with Christmas celebrations, visiting family, and December church activities to remember to plan something for January in the midst of the craziness of December. January will be a hard month for many … [Read more...]

War Room Experience and Prayer Resources

*Update: I have since written a post with ideas on how you can use the War Room movie in your women's ministry and/or as a launch for a prayer focus at your church. You may want to read that post too - War Room, Prayer, and the New Year.   Shortly after we moved to the Charlotte area I heard they had just wrapped up shooting for the newest Kendrick Brothers movie (at that point untitled) right here in our community. I … [Read more...]

Patterns of Evidence Exodus – DVD Review

Over the last year God’s been stirring a desire within me to dig deeper into my study of His Word. God has given me several opportunities to examine some of the historical events and cultural norms surrounding Biblical events. Though my interests have always skewed toward the arts, I am discovering a new love for the scientific and historical evidence for the Bible. Despite what some people think, there is real proof that Biblical events … [Read more...]