Evening Women’s Bible Study in Panama

My husband and I recently traveled with SCORE International to Panama. We tagged along with Justin, our former Youth Pastor, his wife, Megan, and the College and Career Class from our former church. It was our first-ever mission trip. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing specifically about how we “did women’s ministry” in Panama. You never know when God may send you to love on women in another country or another community. It is my … [Read more...]

Who is God asking your women’s ministry to adopt?

I’m not talking about sponsoring a child through Food for the Hungry (though our family does) or adopting a Sunday school class. I want you to think BIGGER. What group in your community could use some love and encouragement? A few years ago God allowed witness what happened when our women’s ministry adopted the women at a local abuse shelter. Doing so radically changed the direction of our women’s ministry and our women’s … [Read more...]

The Next Big Thing in Women’s Ministry

  Do you hear it? Do you sense it? There’s a subtle shift happening in women’s ministry. Women across the world are stepping up and taking part. There’s a movement amongst women to get personal. Build relationships. Be authentic. Women are inviting their friends and neighbors into their homes to share life and to share Jesus. Women aren’t just attending Bible studies at church; they are hosting Bible … [Read more...]

How to Host a Memorable Movie Night

Movie Nights make for a great Ladies Night Out event. They can also be a great, non-threatening outreach opportunity. Today, I’m going to share step by step tips on how to host a marvelous movie night.   HOW TO HOST A MEMORABLE MOVIE NIGHT: Please note this post contains affiliate links. You won't pay a penny more! I may receive a small commission which helps to cover the costs of this blog. Your support is … [Read more...]

Mission Project: Operation Sandwich

You may have seen my Facebook post or Tweet about making 800 sandwiches recently. Operation Sandwich has become an annual project for the Women’s Ministry at the church we've recently started attending. Having never attempted to make 800 sandwiches in an evening, I was really looking forward to participating. The Urban Ministry Center in Charlotte distributes around 800 sandwiches every day to the homeless in Charlotte. Churches and … [Read more...]

How to Plan a DIY Spa Event

Women love to feel pampered, but they often lack the time (and money) to treat themselves to a little pampering. A Spa Event can pamper both the inside and the outside! I’ve had the opportunity to serve on the planning team for three different spa events over the years. Today I’m going to share with you some ideas for a DIY Spa Event. You can easily adapt these ideas for a Ladies’ Night Out, Women’s Ministry fellowship, MOPS … [Read more...]

Serving in the OCC Processing Center – Part 2

I can’t wait to share the rest of our adventure at the Charlotte Operation Christmas Child (OCC) Processing Center. If you missed out on Part 1 – be sure to go here to get the scoop on our different volunteer roles. Today I’m going to take you inside some of the boxes we processed. There were some really neat and practical items packed in the boxes we processed: Entire outfits (shorts and shirts) Paper rolled up and secured … [Read more...]

14 things we can learn from the IF:Gathering

Have you heard of the IF:Gathering? If not, don't feel bad. I really hadn't either. I vaguely remember hearing something about some women's ministry related conference in Austin, Texas last fall, but it really wasn't on my radar screen. We were living in Kentucky at the time and since it wasn't in my neck of the woods it wasn't in my budget. Fast forward several months and an article in The Charlotte Observer about the IF:Gathering … [Read more...]

Women’s Outdoor Ministry Idea

I want to introduce you to Renae Hughart, the Women's Outdoor Ministry Leader in Greenwood, Arkansas. When I heard about this unique ministry, I couldn't wait to have her share the details with you! The Women’s Outdoor Ministry at First Baptist Church in Greenwood, AR, was started in Oct. 2011, as a consequence of our outstanding Men’s Ministry. The weekly bulletin always included announcements of upcoming events for the men like rock … [Read more...]

How to Start Your Own R3 Ministry

Amber Fisher, the founder of R3 Ministries, returns today to share how you can start your own R3 ministry (or something similar) in your church and community. R3 Ministries was implemented with the goal of reaching out to those struggling with addiction and depression, and to make Christians more aware of and compassionate towards those issues. (See the previous post for details.) With that goal in mind, we began an addiction recovery support … [Read more...]

R3 Ministry – Ransomed, Restored, Released

Some ministries are birthed out of a difficult season of life... Today I'd like to introduce you to Amber Fisher, the founder of R3 Ministries. Here is her story: On January 17, 2012, my best friend since childhood took her own life.  She had waged a long war with addiction, relapse, and depression, and on that day she made a permanent decision in a moment of desperation.  In the years leading up to her death, and especially in the time after … [Read more...]

Encouragement: Blessing Bags

*Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Should you chose to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission which helps to cover the cost of this site. Your support is greatly appreciated! Earlier this year, our Women's Ministry Team hosted a fellowship for our women to come together to make Blessing Bags. We decorated the bags and asked each woman in attendance to take their bag and pass it to another woman in our church or … [Read more...]