Three Questions You Need to Ask Your Team

Earlier this month I stumbled across this article by Eric Geiger. You may have seen it when I shared it on the Women's Ministry Toolbox Facebook page. (Side note: Please click the box on the lower right side of your screen to like my Facebook page if you haven’t already. Thanks!) What God drew my attention to was the 3 questions he asked his team: What am I not doing that you would like me to start doing? What am I doing that you wish … [Read more...]

Personalities, Prickly People, and Making Peace

Several months back a Facebook friend of mine, Deb Potts, mentioned that she was finishing up her book “Making Peace with Prickly People”. (Affiliate links) The title grabbed my attention. I know a few prickly people. Truth be told, I probably am a prickly person to a couple of people in my life… I jumped at the chance to be on Deb’s launch team. It was not at all what I expected but in a very good way. Deb covers a lot of ground in her … [Read more...]

11 Time Savers for Busy Women’s Ministry Leaders

  A few months back I sent an email out to all of my subscribers asking: "What is your biggest struggle right now?" Over and over I heard: I am overloaded I'm so busy I have too many things to do and not enough time I'm overwhelmed Can you relate? I've been there before and know it's a place I'll visit again. Today I want to share some practical time savers I use and love. When I find something that’s able to … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Keep Absent Team Members in the Loop

Sick kids, doctor’s appointments, school events, family vacations, and other scheduling conflicts will often make it necessary for one or more of your women’s ministry team members to miss a meeting. Just last month I had to miss our meeting due to a previous commitment to chaperone a Youth trip. I know first-hand that feeling of being “out of the loop”! Today I’m sharing some quick and easy tips for keeping absent team members in the … [Read more...]

The Biggest Mistake Women’s Ministry Teams Make

Over the last 10+ years I’ve had the opportunity to serve on three women’s ministry teams in three different churches. Everywhere I’ve served and even in the places where I haven’t, I’ve seen this women’s ministry mistake committed over and over again. And I’m not just throwing stones, I’m 100% guilty of committing it myself. This one mistake: Increases burnout Dismisses the other women in the church Fuels pride Creates … [Read more...]

8 Habits of an Effective Women’s Ministry

I’m curious, how would you describe the way your women’s ministry team operates? I'm guessing the word "effective" may not be the first word that comes to mind... If you had to pick, which description below comes closest? We pick and choose events and activities based on our team member’s passions and interests. We plan one event at a time. We never know what we’ll do next. It’s often based on the next great idea we stumble upon. … [Read more...]

Word-Filled Women’s Ministry

*Please note this post contains affiliate links. I appreciate any purchase you make as it helps to cover the costs of this site! I love discovering new women’s ministry resources! Especially those that challenge me to think differently and cause me to question some of the choices our women’s ministry team has made. A couple months back I reached out to the folks at Crossway Publishing and requested a copy of Word-Filled Women’s … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Surviving a Crazy Women’s Ministry Week

This is one of those super-crazy women’s ministry weeks for me. We leave for our women's ministry fall retreat on Friday. I’m facilitating a Bible study. It just started last week. Ideally, I’d like to be a week ahead. I'm not. Add in a hair coloring appointment, oil change for my car, family visiting for a few days, an ortho appointment, a Bible study I’m reviewing for the blog… And as I've been working on this post my son's car battery … [Read more...]

10 Ways We Unknowingly Hurt Women in Our Church

I recently had a friend start to share about an incident in their church that happened last year. Feelings had been hurt. Deeply. Gaping wounds had not yet healed. Before she got into the details of the situation, I told her I didn’t need know. I really didn't want to know.  She understood and asked me to pray for healing for those who’ve been hurt. It grieves me to hear stories of believers hurting one another. We all know how we should … [Read more...]

Do your women know how to contact you?

Before you answer “yes”, let me share a recent experience I had with you. A couple of months ago we had some workers show up unexpectedly at our house at 8:30 AM. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem. But it was my Bible study morning. I was in charge of the prayer request notebook, which was sitting in my living room. As much as I wanted to be at the Bible study, I needed to be home. I had less than an hour to try to contact the … [Read more...]

What Your Pastor Wants You to Know

How’s your relationship with your Pastor? Do you feel like you can go to him when there’s a problem? Maybe you quake at the thought of meeting with him. (I've been there.) I’m betting there’s room for improvement… I hope today’s insights and truths will help you relate to and work better with your Pastor. Please note: These words are straight from the Pastor’s pen, but I’ve added bold lettering for emphasis. 10 Things Your … [Read more...]

What Your Student Pastor Wants You to Know

As I have received input from a Church Secretary, Pastor's Wife, Music Director, and now a Student Pastor, I am in awe of what truths and reminders God has chosen to reveal. Today's truths weigh heavily on my heart as they impact the next generation that will soon be a part of our Women's Ministry (if they aren't already). I pray we'll take them seriously and that we'll seek ways to make connections with this group of young … [Read more...]