10 Ideas for Ministry Appreciation Month

Did you know that October is Ministry Appreciation Month? I’ll admit, it’s not one I have marked on my calendar, but I should. Thank goodness it’s not too late to show some appreciation! Who is God asking you to encourage this month? Pastor Associate Pastor Music Director Children’s Minister Student/Youth Pastor Church Secretary Church Treasurer Deacon/Deaconess or Elder Women’s Ministry Team Publications … [Read more...]

Blessed Is She – Luke 1:45 Free Printable

A couple of months ago I was procrastinating perusing Pinterest and stumbled upon the cutest scripture cards. A couple of clicks later I was gushing over all the goodies at Marydean Draws. Mary is a talented artist who takes God’s Word and creates the neatest note cards and coloring pages. Ladies, you are going to want to use these for yourself and for your women's ministry! Right away I printed out a sheet of cards (this one … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Encourage One Another

Encouragement. I could sure use some. Could you? I’m guessing we all know several women in our lives that could use an encouraging word or gesture. Did you see that single mom at church on Sunday struggling with her two-year old? What about your team member that worked her tail off pulling together your last women’s ministry event? Or the neighbor down the street that faces a daily battle with a chronic illness? God tells us we … [Read more...]

Christmas Prize Ideas for Icebreakers & Games

Chances are you’re going to play a few Christmas Icebreaker Games at your Christmas party. It’s nice to have a few inexpensive prizes to give out to the winners. Several years back we held a Sunday school party for the High school Juniors that we were teaching. We played several icebreaker games (including Wrap It Up). Before the party I went to the Dollar Tree and grabbed all sorts of fun things to put in a prize basket for the … [Read more...]

Gifts that Impact Women’s Lives

*Affiliate links follow. I like jewelry.  A lot. So when the opportunity to create a custom handmade piece of jewelry that would support women who are working to overcome difficult circumstances landed in my inbox I didn’t hesitate. Today I want to share a resource with you for beautiful products made by women locally and globally who have overcome challenges ranging from prostitution to addiction to a lack of opportunity. As sisters … [Read more...]

15 Creative Ways to Giveaway Door Prizes

Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to distributing door prizes? Do you use the same door prize distribution method at every women's ministry event? Would you like some fresh ideas for giving away door prizes? While it is easy to just pull out those rolls of numbered carnival tickets, there are a lot more creative and exciting ways to give our door prizes! Try one of these 15 fresh, fun ways to distribute door prizes at your next … [Read more...]

Decor and Favor Ideas for Your Summer Event

Is your team hosting a summer fellowship or event? Does your retreat or conference have a summer or beach theme? Do you need to decorate for a summertime baby or bridal shower at church? I've rounded up some summer-inspired décor and favor ideas that I think you'll love! Please note: These are affiliate links. You won't pay a penny more, but I may receive a small commission that will help offset the costs of this blog and replenish my … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Door Prize Ideas

Chances are the plans for your Mother’s Day event will soon be kicking into high gear! I am here to help! I can waste spend a lot of time flipping through catalogs and browsing websites looking for just the perfect door prize gifts. Can you relate? When I find an item I love, I buy multiples and give everyone the same door prize. Other times I stick with a set dollar amount and get a variety of things. I thought it might be … [Read more...]

Fizzy Foot Soak

Looking for a spa station for your Women’s Ministry event? Need a door prize idea? Want to love on the women on your team? Need a goodie to hand out on Mother’s Day? This Fizzy Foot Soak is just what you need! During our snow sabbatical the youngest and I tested out this Fizzy Foot Soak recipe. We were thrilled with the results! It was fizzy and refreshing. And the perfect solution to snow-soaked, cold feet! Please note this … [Read more...]

A Great Resource for Bibles

One of the reasons I started Women’s Ministry Toolbox was to create a place where you can find great resources for Women’s Ministry all in one place. In an effort to better share the resources I love I’ll be unveiling a new “Resources” page in 2015. Although that’s not quite ready to launch, I have a new resource I want to share with you today. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that this resource is new to me. It’s quite possible the … [Read more...]

Women’s Ministry Leader Gift Guide

Looking for something special to give to your Women’s Ministry Leader this Christmas? Or maybe you're shopping for your Sunday school teacher, church secretary, Bible study leader, or best friend? I’ve got a few gift ideas for you! There's something for every budget - these items ranges from $3.99-$25. Each one can be found at Christian Book Distributor. It's a site I order from often. I find their prices are very competitive, … [Read more...]

Women’s Ministry Team Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching and chances are you have a small amount budgeted for gifts for your Women's Ministry Team. Not sure what to give them? Looking for a fresh gift idea? I've put together a list of ideas and links for you. I know you're on a budget, so I've made sure that all of these ideas are $10 or less (at the time of this posting). *Please note all of these are affiliate links. You don't pay a penny more, but I … [Read more...]