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Forms & Surveys July 19, 2016

Women’s Ministry Surveys: Online vs. Printed

Women's Ministry Surveys Online vs. Printed

A few weeks ago our women’s ministry team decided to distribute a survey to assess what our women were looking for from our team in the next year.

We’ve also heard a lot of women mention that they miss our evening Bible study offering. What better way to find out how great the interest really is than to ask!

Forms & Surveys October 5, 2014

Tip 5 – Childcare Forms (Free Printable)

Welcome to 31 Women’s Ministry Tips!

Tip #5 is a Childcare Form.

Women's Ministry Tip 5 - Childcare Forms (Free Printable)

Childcare is critical for many of the moms in your church and community. Without it they are unable to attend Women’s Ministry events.

Comfortable moms and comfortable kids are more likely to return.

One way to make them comfortable is to collect information about:

  • Allergies
  • Naptimes
  • Pacifier Use
  • Feeding Schedules

Our team created this form several years back to use for our daytime Bible studies. It was modeled after a form our nursery workers were already using on Sunday mornings. We also used a variation for our MOPS groups.

Free Printable Childcare Form from Women's Ministry Toolbox

I’ve included a copy of it for you to download. Just click the link below.

Childcare Form

You have my permission to copy it for church or personal use. No need to ask!

Your turn to share: What other information do you collect? 

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