Procedures, Forms, and Documents Your Women’s Ministry Team Needs

Last summer I joined the women’s ministry team at our (new to us) church. I asked a lot of questions at that first meeting. How do I submit a receipt? When do I need to get my publicity submitted for the next church newsletter? Are we responsible for purchasing coffee for our Bible studies? Most of my questions were related to procedures. Having served on three different women’s ministry teams in three different churches, I’ve … [Read more...]

Tip 17 – What You Need to Include In Your Newsletter

Welcome to 31 days of Women's Ministry Tips! Tip 17 is a checklist for you to use as you pull together your Women’s Ministry newsletter. Women’s Ministry newsletters are in no way a requirement, but they can be a helpful tool for communicating with your women. If you have, or are planning to start a newsletter for your women,  here are some ideas of what to include. What to include in your newsletter: Message of salvation – … [Read more...]

Publicity Checklist

I recently spent some time transitioning our publicity responsibilities to a new team member. It forced me to think through the how and why we do publicity. Publicity must be created to meet the needs of the masses. Always assume there will be new members and/or visitors attending your event. If they don't know the details, they might not show. This checklist will keep you from forgetting to share those details that we sometime assume … [Read more...]