“I LOVE” Bingo Game – Not Just for Valentine’s Day! (Free Printable)

After two years Women's Ministry Bingo game continues to be one of my most viewed and most shared posts on this site. I thought it was about time I create a new version and Valentine's Day provided just the inspiration I needed! There are so many things we "love". Snow. Camping. Surprises. Flea markets. I thought it would be fun to discover what the women in attendance at your event "love". Though perfect for your … [Read more...]

If Icebreaker: Valentine Version

  Looking for a quick Valentine icebreaker for your Women's Ministry, small group, or Bible study? Print off the If Icebreaker: Valentine Version and you'll be ready to go! If Icebreaker: The Valentine Version Group size: 4 – 8 people per group Time needed: 15 minutes Supplies: Valentine If game cards Instructions: Print and cut the game cards. (Click link below for free PDF.) Place the cards in a stack in the center … [Read more...]

Valentine Icebreaker: Heart to Heart (Free Printable)

Have you ever made a "heart to heart" connection? You know, when you meet someone and you instantly bond over usually trivial things. This Valentine Icebreaker, Heart to Heart, helps to make those connections between the people in your group. Participants quickly discover who else loves Hershey kisses, who enjoys reading romance novels, and even who doesn't like to celebrate Valentine's Day. Heart to Heart is a quick, fun icebreaker that … [Read more...]

Valentine Icebreaker Questions (Free Printable)

  I love a good set of icebreaker questions! These Valentine Icebreaker Questions are perfect for: Women's Ministry Team Meeting Women's Ministry Fellowship Bible Study Group Small Group College Group Valentine Breakfast Sweetheart Banquet Valentine Party Print and cut them out (click the link below for the free PDF) and place them in a Valentine-themed bag or bowl. Valentine Icebreaker Questions Have each … [Read more...]

The Great Valentine Candy Pass

In need of a quick Valentine's Day icebreaker? The Great Valentine Candy Pass is a quick and easy icebreaker. It's perfect for a smaller group, but easily adaptable to large groups. The Great Valentine Candy Pass Supplies: 2-4 wrapped, hard candies (such as mints) per person; bag(s) or bowl(s) for each group to contain candies; printed list of questions Participants needed: Group of at least 6; multiple groups seated at separate tables … [Read more...]