10 Things I’ve Learned About Sweetheart Banquets

Ah, sweetheart banquets.... Over the years I had the opportunity to help plan a few Sweetheart Banquets at our church. Our women's minstry team would partner with the men's ministry, but honestly the women did almost all of the planning. We'd divy out a few tasks to the guys. We had some big hits and a few misses. I hope this list will help as you plan your sweetheart banquet. Here are 10 Things I've Learned About Sweetheart … [Read more...]

5 Keys to a Successful Sweetheart Banquet

Through a great amoutn of trial and error our Women's Ministry Team discovered these 5 Keys to a Successful Sweetheart Banquet. I hope they'll help you with your planning! 5 Keys to a Successful Sweetheart Banquet 1. Affordable. Keep in mind that many of the couples you are targeting are on a tight budget. Make certain your event is affordable for all - including the cost of childcare. 2. Childcare Childcare for all ages should be … [Read more...]

Not-so Newlywed Game Script

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and your church may be hosting a Valentine's Banquet or Couples Dinner this year. Looking for a creative, fun way to entertain your guests for the evening? I've got you covered! Remember the Newlywed Game and the crazy questions contestants answered? This game is a twist on that once popular show. We take married couples (Not-so Newlywed), divide them up, and try to get them to match their spouses answers … [Read more...]

10 Sweetheart Banquet Ideas

*Please note this post contains affiliate links. Should you choose to make a purchase, I may receive a small commission which will be used to help cover the costs of this blog. Your support is appreciated! Many churches host Sweetheart Banquets or Couples Dinners in February. Often times the event planning falls to the Women's Ministry team. With annual events it's easy to get into a rut planning the same thing year after … [Read more...]