Mother’s Day Door Prize Ideas

Chances are the plans for your Mother’s Day event will soon be kicking into high gear! I am here to help! I can waste spend a lot of time flipping through catalogs and browsing websites looking for just the perfect door prize gifts. Can you relate? When I find an item I love, I buy multiples and give everyone the same door prize. Other times I stick with a set dollar amount and get a variety of things. I thought it might be … [Read more...]

How to Plan a DIY Spa Event

Women love to feel pampered, but they often lack the time (and money) to treat themselves to a little pampering. A Spa Event can pamper both the inside and the outside! I’ve had the opportunity to serve on the planning team for three different spa events over the years. Today I’m going to share with you some ideas for a DIY Spa Event. You can easily adapt these ideas for a Ladies’ Night Out, Women’s Ministry fellowship, MOPS … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Left Right Story

Left Right stories and games are always a hit, no matter the size or age of the group! I created this story for you to use at your next Mother’s Day Women’s Ministry event. With very little tweaking, it could be used for really any Women’s Ministry event, fellowship, Bible study, or Small group. However you choose to use it - your women will laugh as they scramble to keep up with your emcee! Mother’s Day Left Right Story Group … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Game: Pass the Package

Hidden amongst the Christmas games, you may have come across the Mother’s Day version of “Pass the Package.” Not only is it worthy of it's own post but I've also decided to create a second Mother's Day version, seeing as not everyone is having a tea-party themed event. You are going to need lots of wrapping paper and an assortment of boxes to pull this off. (Use up those remnants in your closet and/or grab some rolls at the Dollar … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Tea Ideas

Many Women’s Ministry Teams host a Mother’s Day event to honor all women - biological, adoptive, and spiritual mothers. I thought you might be able to gather and glean a few ideas from a Mother's Day Tea event our team hosted back in 2009. Our former church in North Carolina had an incredible turnout year after year for this particular event, usually exceeding our expectations and seating capacity. In order to better accommodate the … [Read more...]