Is your event budget realistic?

Perhaps you can relate to our recent budget dilemma… Our women’s ministry team has been working through the initial plans for our next retreat. Often, over the past several years, the team has been blessed by church members that have provided their vacation home for free so that only one home needed to be rented. God has provided in multiple ways over the years that has allowed the team to keep the retreat costs minimal. Last year the … [Read more...]

9 Secrets to Making Guests Feel Welcome

Two nights ago I had the privilege of passing out small candy canes as folks were approaching our church doors to attend a special Christmas production. My task was to make our guests feel welcome. I was surprised by the number of folks who were thrilled to receive a little candy cane! Some responded as if they hadn’t had a candy cane in years and were so excited to indulge in a special treat. Others welcomed the breath mint. A few … [Read more...]

Before Your Next Event

Have you ever been to an event and felt like the event coordinators missed a step or two? Maybe you’ve hosted an event and afterward mentally kicked yourself for a minor (or major) oversite. I hate that feeling of having overlooked a detail. I have forgotten to pray at the beginning of an event. I have stumbled over the introduction of a guest speaker. I’ve made assumptions in error. It happens to all of us, but there is … [Read more...]

Day 7 – How to Find a Speaker

I’m so excited to tackle this topic today! This is a question I get a lot. You’ve got your date picked, your theme set, and the budget to hire a speaker. But how do you find one? And how do you ensure they’re going to be a good fit for your church? Let’s start with the “big one”. How do you find a speaker? Ask your Pastor. Ask other women’s ministry leaders and churches in your area. Ask your women – chances are they’ve … [Read more...]

Tablescape Inspiration

Many Women's Ministry Teams host annual "table events". They might be know as the "Festival of Tables" or "Banquet of Tables" in your church. I'm always impressed by the attention to detail and diversity of the tables. I had the opportunity to attend a Banquet of Tables back in the fall. The theme of the event was God's Word is Timeless. Table hostesses were asked to pick a decade. I thought you might like to see some of the tables … [Read more...]

Tip 30 – Do your women really need “free time”?

Welcome to 31 days of Women's Ministry Tips! Today we're taking a look at the schedules for our women's ministry retreats and conferences. Your planning team has gathered to work on your retreat or conference schedule. There’s so much you want to do with your women. So much you believe God wants you to share with them! You wonder how you’ll fit it all in. The speaker sessions. Discussion … [Read more...]

Tip 28 – A Tool for Encouragement

Welcome to 31 days of Women's Ministry Tips! Encouragement. It’s a deep seated need inside of each one of us. I’ve got a great tool of encouragement to share with you. This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Allume Conference. In the prayer room journals were placed for every single attendee. We were encouraged to spend time in the prayer room over the weekend to pray and to write notes of encouragement for the … [Read more...]

Tip 27 – What to do when you are freaking out!

Welcome to 31 days of Women's Ministry Tips! I just read the Facebook status post of a friend in ministry. She is days away from a HUGE event and the nightmares and anxiety have kicked in. She’s worried there won’t be enough centerpieces and that all the details won’t come together. I’ve been there and I’d bet almost every one of you have been too. So what’s a girl to do when she’s overloaded and overwhelmed? 1. Breathe. … [Read more...]

Tip 25 – Choosing Worship Music

Welcome to 31 days of Women's Ministry Tips! Choosing music for a Women's Ministry event can be a daunting task. Your team's goal is to provide the most enjoyable worship experience that you can. When choosing music for your women’s ministry events consider these things: 1. Choose a familiar song and a familiar tune. Women are going to be most comfortable singing the version of the song they hear on K-LOVE. Save the unfamiliar a … [Read more...]

Tip 20 – Not enough bathrooms!

Welcome to 31 days of Women's Ministry Tips! Tip 20 provides a solution to the all-too-common problem at women’s ministry events of not having enough bathrooms. Whether you're part of a big church or a small church, anytime you have a good-sized women’s ministry event you face a shortage of bathroom stalls. The next time you have a scheduled break at your event, rest easier knowing everyone will be able to return in a timely manner … [Read more...]

Tip 18 – The (Door Prize) Golden Ticket

Welcome to 31 days of Women's Ministry Tips! Tip 18 is a unique door prize idea that doubles as publicity. "I've got the golden ticket! I've got the golden ticket!" Sorry - I couldn't resist throwing a little Willy Wonka in the mix. Seriously, though, do you need a little extra incentive to bring women to your next event? I've got an idea for you! Let them know you’ll be giving away a free ticket (or gift certificate toward) … [Read more...]

Tip 16 – Don’t get caught up in the numbers!

Welcome to 31 days of Women's Ministry Tips! Tip 16 is for when we get caught up in the numbers. At some point you are going to host an event that far exceeds your attendance expectations. You’re also just as likely to host an event that doesn’t come even close to meeting your team’s expectations… Our second year of MOPS brought about many changes and a decrease in the number of moms attending. I struggled with feelings of … [Read more...]