So poking around on the site you may have noticed I don’t have a clear “this is how to build a women’s ministry team” post.

I’ve shared 5 Mistakes Leaders Make When Building Their Team and The Four Pillars of Women’s Ministry.

But I’ve avoided tackling one of Women’s Ministry’s biggest questions.

Until today.

No more procrastinating. No more excuses.

How to Build a Women's Ministry Team

One reason I’ve avoided this topic (like the plague!) is because there are so many scenarios to take into consideration and it’s not a one and done kind of post.

So I’m going to break it down over the next couple of weeks.

We’re going to talk about team roles, what God wants your team to look like, how to ask women to serve on your team, and letting women go.

Even if you already have a team in place, hang in there with me and help other leaders by sharing your experiences. 

So let’s start at the very beginning (as Julie Andrews would sing).

The size of your Women’s Ministry Team is going to be dependent on three things:

1. Church size – Most of the time a smaller church is going to have a smaller team and a larger church is going to have a larger team. Truth is there are only so many women in your church to go around. Keeping your team small in a large church is going to hurt your ministry in the long run.

2. Church Constitution/By-laws/Governing Rules – May determine not only the size and positions on your team, but also how those women are selected and even how long they will serve on your team. One church I served in only allowed me to serve a 3-year term as Women’s Ministry Director and then I had to step down for a year. However there were no such guidelines for the rest of the team.

3. Ministry Season – God may be growing your team or He may be doing some pruning and removing some women. The Pastoral staff may be putting a renewed emphasis on women’s ministry in your church or they may not be supportive.

My friend, Gina Duke, recommends having 1 woman on your team for every 100 women in your church. I think that’s a great goal for your team – if you are able.

Even with that recommendation, know that your team size is going to be dependent on your specific situation.

No matter what the size of your team, there are some specific roles you’ll want women to fill.  And that’s where we’re headed next!

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Your turn to share: What factors play a role in the size of your team in your church?

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