Mission Project: Bless Them With Band-Aids

Mission Project: Bless them with Band-Aids

Two weeks ago a friend of mine posted a request on Facebook for character Band-Aids. She was making this request on behalf of a young boy named Eli who is receiving chemo treatments.

I was completely unaware that nurses, and not the hospital, supply those colorful and fun cartoon Band-Aids that bring a smile to every child’s face.

Sadly hospitals supply just plain, ugly brown Band-Aids.

Y’all it just melted my heart that in the midst of all that he is going through, Eli was thinking of others…

If you’ve ever witnessed a child showing off their superhero or Barbie Band-Aid, you know what a big impact a few Band-Aids can make.

Even seemingly small donations can have a great impact.

So here’s my challenge for you and the women at your church: collect cartoon Band-Aids at one of your next Women’s Ministry events and donate them to your local children’s hospital.

Please do me a favor – don’t pass a basket for money. It can creates embarrassment for those who truly cannot give.

Just collect the Band-Aids.

Would you do this for Eli and all those other children that need a reason to smile?

I would love to hear if your team decides to take on the Band-Aid Mission Project.

Leave me a note of your location so I can pass the news onto Eli!


  1. Shakeira, so glad you all are interested in Bless Them with Band-Aids. The idea is that you would contact a hospital in your area to see if they have a need for children’s band-aids. I’m not actually taking up a collection myself. I’d love to hear about your experience if you all find a local place to donate them!

  2. I have a womens ministry that does different mission projects. If this Bless them with Bandaid project is still active, we would like to contribute. Please email me at Shakeira@jcchicks.com

  3. I am beyond humbled to help! Praying God uses this incredible idea to minister to many. Praying, too for Eli – that his treatments may be effective and his side effects minimized.

  4. Thank you!!! You have no idea how much this means. I have passed this one to Eli’s parents.

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