How to Build a Women’s Ministry Binder

How to Build a Women's Ministry Binder

I am a binder girl.

I love a well organized binder.

So much so that I gave everyone on the team a Women’s Ministry binder.

This last time used some restraint and didn’t include pre-labeled tabs. My fellow type-A girls, you know what I mean. 🙂

I wouldn’t give up the files on my laptop for anything, but a binder can be just as important and useful.

Here’s a quick run-down of what goes in our team’s binders:

  1. Our Mission Statement
  2. Team Member list with contact information (email, address, home phone, and cell phone) and titles
  3. Calendar
  4. Budget
  5. Job descriptions (at least for that position)
  6. Section for meeting notes and/or agendas
  7. Them for the year and corresponding verse
  8. Post Event Evaluation Forms

Other possible forms that your church may utilize:

  1. Room reservation form
  2. Calendar request form
  3. Reimbursement form

I like to get the hole-punch plastic pockets and insert catalogs, catering menus, etc. rather than messing with scanning them. Page protectors are great for that type of thing too.

While I encourage the team to bring their binders by toting along my own, I don’t make an issue out of it. Each person has their own organization style. For those that need a little help, it’s there.

What other items do you include in your Women’s Ministry Team binder?

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  1. Alvaro, I haven’t heard from any others having this problem. I would try using a different browser. 😉

  2. Thanks, Darlene! 🙂

  3. Priceless info, Cyndee!

  4. Lisa, good point! I’ve posted on 5 Mistakes Leaders Make When Building a Team ( and 4 Pillars of Women’s Ministry ( which both dance around the “how”… Neither of which directly answer your question, but can help.

    It’s something I’ve been meaning to go into detail on, but haven’t yet. Look for me to specifically address “how” in a post or two (or more) later this month! 🙂

  5. Lisa Pepper says:

    Speaking of your “team” in this post about the binders. Do you have a post of HOW to build a good team?

  6. So glad I could be part of God’s answer to your prayer! Praying your conference is a blessing and encouragement to many!

  7. Thank you! I do Chilren’s Ministry and Wonan’s Discipleship and we’re working on a conference now. I was just praying, while walking into my day job, God I need Martha Stewart to organize these multiple projects, but how? I googled “ministry binder” and there you were! This was so simple and helpful, and something I think I can manage putting together. I just need a bigger binder for multiple subjects, but the layout is perfect. Thanks for the hope!

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