Tips and tools for Bible study and small group faciltators

Has God called you to serve as a Bible study leader or small group facilitator?

Would you like some tips on encouraging discussion?

Maybe you’re looking for some first day ideas?

Or perhaps the clock moves faster than it should and you need some help staying on schedule.

Whatever your situation, I’ve got some ideas I’d love to share with you.

I’ve compiled all of my Bible study and small group posts here – no searching or digging around the site.

May God direct your eyes and fingers to the resources you need and may He bless your time with your group.

You’ll find articles first and Bible study suggestions and reviews toward the bottom of the page.


5 Myths Bible Study Leaders Believe5 Myths Bible Study Leaders Believe – Clearing up some misconceptions we may have about leading a Bible study.




6 Questions Your Women Will Have About the First Day of Bible Study – What do you women really want to know? Help them to feel welcome and loved by answering these questions before (or on) that first day.




bible study leader kit Bible Study Leader Kit – No need to waste time hunting for an extra pencil. What supplies do your Bible study leaders need?




A Code of Conduct For Small GroupsA Code of Conduct for Small Groups – A Code of Conduct can be used to communicate guidelines for your small group or Bible study group. Make sure your group understands the guidelines on sharing prayer requests, divisive topics, email addresses and more.



Do we have to wear name tagsDo we have to wear name tags? – We all know each other, don’t we? Reasons why those name tags are more important than you think!




Do your women know how to reach youDo your women know how to reach you? – Read this post before you answer! Tips for making certain your group members know how to reach you.




The First Day of Bible StudyThe First Day of Bible Study – There’s so much to do! Print out this list so you don’t overlook or forget anything important for the first day of Bible study.




Ever wondered what the best way is to divide your women into groups for Bible study, small groups, and women's ministry events? Here's how we do ours!How to Divide Women in to Groups – Ever wonder how to divide women into smaller discussion groups. I share exactly what we’ve done to divide our women for Bible study. The process applies to any kind of small group.




How to Set Up and Facilitate a Bible Study Review Team

How to Set Up and Facilitate a Bible Study Review Team – Includes a free printable to help your team review studies. This tried and true method can help your team to select your next Bible studies.



Women's Ministry Tip 15 - How to Stay on Schedule
How to Stay on Schedule – Feel like there’s never enough time to complete the lesson or discussion? Utilize this technique to stay on schedule.




How Women's Ministry Teams Select Bible Studies

How Women’s Ministry Teams Select Bible Studies – In depth look at options for selecting Bible studies for your women.




one thingOne Thing Every Group Leader Needs to Learn – This one thing will make a huge difference in your group! Click to find out what it is!




praying for small groupPraying for Your Small Group – Prayers specifically for your small group. Includes a free printable.




summer-bibleSummer Bible Study Solutions – Do your Bible studies take a summer vacation? Women still need to be in the Word. Check out these creative ideas for making certain your women have some summer Bible study options.



Tips to Increase Your Women’s Bible Study Attendance – The downward spiral of attendance at Bible Study can be discouraging. These tips will help you increase the number of women that come back from week to week.




tip 10 encourage discussionTwo Ways You Can Encourage Group Discussion – Do you struggle with getting your group to talk? There are two things you can do to help your group along. Click over to get the scoop!





Bible Studies

Bible Study Review Crowned

Crowned: Created for Glory, Called by His Name – A 5 week study written by Melissa Deming. Upon completion of this study your women will know crucial truths of the Bible on which they can stand when the winds of the world beat them down. They will be encouraged to walk out the calling God has placed on their lives and to live and walk in His Spirit.


How to Love Your Neighbor (without being weird)How to Love Your Neighbor (without being weird) – A book with a study option written by Amy Lively . Challenge your women to love on their neighbors.




Bible Study Review Joseph Keeping a Soft Heart in a Hard PlaceJoseph – Keeping a Soft Heart in a Hard Place – Kay Harm digs deep into the story of Joseph which shows us how to keep a soft and teachable heart during our most difficult days. Check out my review of this study.




Lazarus Awakening Bible Study - an indepth look inside the kitLazarus Awakening Bible Study – Joanna Weaver filmed the DVD session in Israel and just released this addition to the book in July 2015. Get an in-depth look inside the Bible Study kit – which can also be used as a retreat!




None Like Him – Jen Wilkin walks you through those 10 attributes of God, you’ll find your finite opinion of who God is and what He is capable of expands and with it comes a greater appreciation for who God is and what He is capable of.



READ Bible Study for Groups – a 4-ebook kit containing How to Host the READ Bible Study Method for Groups, Digging Deeper Lessons and Activities, READ Facilitator Handbook, and READ for Groups Workbook.



Teaching Women to READ the Bible – The READ Bible Study format effectively and easily teaches your women how to dig into God’s Word on their own. Give women the opportunity to share weekly about the truths they’ve discovered.



The Simplest Way to Change the World – Imagine what would happen if more of God’s people would embrace the call to Biblical Hospitality. How would that change your neighborhood? How would that impact your community? How could it change families for eternity?!



The Turquoise Table – Perfect for a book club or a Bible Study book class, The Turquoise Table will inspire your women to open their hearts and their front yard.




Sharing Jesus without Freaking Out – Do your women know how to direct a conversation toward the Gospel? This study is a great training tool for your team or women.




We Saved You a Seat (Bible Study Review) – Lisa-Jo Baker gathers a group of friends together to talk about friendship. Topics covered include: debunking the myth of effortless friendships; overcoming the fear of being known; stop running from friendship and find the courage to connect; and deepeing their relationship with Jesus through strengthening their relationships with others.



Bible Study Review You're Already Amazing LifeGrowth Guide

You’re Already Amazing LifeGrowth Guide – Holley Gerth will guide you through (and the women in your small group) discovering who God made you to be and it will give you the confidence to pursue His purpose for your life.