31 Christmas Fellowship Ideas

31 Christmas Fellowship Ideas - For Your Women's Ministry

If you’re in need of fresh ideas for this year’s Christmas fellowship or event, look no further!

These 31 ideas are sure to provide some inspiration.

  1. Ornament Exchange
  2. Gift Exchange
  3. Christmas Bingo – play regular bingo, with the winners receiving $5 gifts
  4. Christmas Pinterest Project Party
  5. Christmas Traditions Party – share family traditions
  6. Cookie Exchange
  7. Decorate Christmas Cookies – distribute to homebound members, etc.
  8. Random Acts of Kindness – send your group out to do RAOKs.
  9. Christmas Scavenger Hunt – outdoors or indoors
  10. Christmas Movie Viewing
  11. Gift Wrapping Party – everyone brings their own gifts and paper
  12. Christmas for Others – throw a party for your church staff, seniors, shelter, nursing home, etc.
  13. Ornament Decorating Party  – set up stations and let folks rotate
  14. Christmas Potluck/Tasting Party – everyone shares a favorite/new holiday dish
  15. Birthday Party for Jesus – bring gifts for local children, seniors, homebound, angel tree, etc.
  16. Christmas Card Party – everyone brings their cards to address
  17. Christmas Minute to Win It Party
  18. Ugly Sweater Party
  19. Gift Making Party – provide supplies for everyone to make homemade hot cocoa, cookies in jar, homemade bath scrub, etc.
  20. Christmas Caroling – visiting specific church members and visitors, provide cookies and cocoa for a quick post caroling party
  21. Christmas Display Viewing – provide map and directions to light displays around town
  22. Gift Wrapping Demos – teach women various ways to wrap gifts
  23. Christmas Tree Decorating Demo – bring in interior designer to give tips on how to make your tree looks its best
  24. Deck the Halls – decorate the yard/home of a special member or family (surprise a critically ill family with a Christmas display in their yard)
  25. Deck the Halls of the Church – come together to decorate the church for Christmas – might include making new decorations.
  26. Christmas Around the World – pick a country(ies) where your church has missionary connections and learn about the food and customs
  27. Christmas for Missionaries – collect and wrap gifts/write and send cards to missionaries for Christmas
  28. World Crafts – host a fair trade shopping party.
  29. No Sew Fleece Blankets for the Homeless
  30. Operation Christmas Child – host a shoe box filling party.
  31. My Favorite Things Party

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  1. Jenny, I am so glad you shared this idea! How fun! I may just have to borrow it. 😉

  2. Jenny Jones says:

    We host a Christmas Movie night each year. I encourage the ladies to come with their slippers and comfy blankets. We have one gal that brings a Hot Cocoa machine and we have cups of hot cocoa and movie snacks to share. After an earring exchange, we watch a Christmas Movie. I usually find a Hallmark Christmas movie and purchase it on DVD for us to watch. Be careful to preview ahead of time. There are a lot of good ones out there with funny and inspirational messages if you search for them.

  3. What a great idea! I love that each woman only needed to bring one gift keeping the cost reasonable to all involved. And everyone got to go home with something! I’ll be filing this idea away to use in the future! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Cyndee, I have hosted a “Favorite Things” Christmas-themed party for the women’s Sunday School class before. The gifts we brought for an exchange was a favorite thing. We randomly selected a gift and when it was opened, that giver told why that was one of her favorite things. It helped us to get to know each other even better, plus it was fun! You know women, we love to tell each other about sales and things we like! I highly recommend it.

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